Best places to see in Myanmar

The best sights in Myanmar

Drive away from popular places and find your own secret favorite stupa. Myanmar's best sights and activities selected by our local tour operators. The Shan State is home to one of Myanmar's most important tourist symbols - Lake Inle. Bagan has the most to see and do for visitors than any other city in Myanmar. Myanmar (Burma), the largest country on the mainland of Southeast Asia, has so much to offer.

Best sights in Myanmar

Myanmar is on fire: not only by the literal resumption of hostilities..... Traveling to Myanmar independently will require additional work. These are the top attractions in Burma and a choice off the well-trodden paths. It is Bagan, similar to Angkor in Cambodia, and the most important touristic destination of the state. it is not a Nazis sub, it was the capitol of an old mighty empire.

Only a joke, Burma is one of the surest places for foreign nationals in the whole wide globe. It was the stone that braved the force of gravitation. Kyaiktiyo's golden stone, neatly adorned at the edge. The dilapidated Yangon has not been the nation's capitol since 2007. Infinite ranks of Buddhas. Some of the world's largest Buddhas are still under building in the Bodhi Tataung Temple in Monywa.

Ginorme Buddhas. This is Ngapali Strand, Myanmar's number one number one.

Myanmar's best destinations | Activities

Myanmar takes its name from'Mya' (Emerald); come and see why in this old fairytale country of the temple and pagoda. Ride the Irrawady River from the mythic Mandalay to Bagan against the background of twelfth and thirteenth centuries architectural monuments. In Bagan there were once over 10,000 churches, palagodas and convents, of which only 2200 remain today.

Mandalay, the antique capitol of the Burmese empire, still has its emperorly fame of buildings and ditches. The 1460-page volume of Buddhism is the largest volume in the word. Each page contains a 1.5 metre long plate of burnished stone with a hundred rows of meticulously etched text. Observe the dazzling past of past and architectural heritage that blends with the charm of the present of busy trade and delicious food, a truly international goal deserving of its Southeast Asia coexist.

Best sights in Shan State, Myanmar

But Shan State is much more than that; it also has many other potent and enchanting goals..... In addition to the breathtaking scenery, a visit to Shan State also provides an insight into the region's unparalleled cultural wealth, which comes from so many different nationalities. Lake Inle is the most important stop on any Myanmar itinerary.

It' s difficult to withstand its charms and its unbelievable scenery. The Shan's life style sets it apart from other places. From here you can go to the swimming towns and enjoy the last few moments of the day to see the unbelievable sundown. You should go to the renowned souvenir shop, where you can find many rare objects associated with the indigenous population.

With its beautiful scenery it is one of the most beautiful places for walking and hiking.

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