Best places to see in Burma

Sights in Burma

Here is my list of places of interest in Myanmar. During the cool months of November to February are considered the best months to visit Myanmar. You just stroll around and you'll see so many cool things. Pandaw RV, Paukan RV and Road to Mandalay cruises are some of the best. It' the best you can do in Telluride.

The best places & times to be in Myanmar

From March to May, the storms in the winter months remain arid (which means that it is still relatively simple to carry by road), but they can be very hot in the northern hemisphere - up to 40┬░C - but colder in the highlands.

Myanmar's most popular visiting period is the cold period between November and late February, when the rains are less abundant and the temperatures are mild. It is chilly in the early and late mornings and in the evening and hot and sunny in the afternoon without sun.

In general, Myanmar is easily accessible all year round. Although there is monsoons in June, July, August and September during the wet seasons, it does not rain all over the state. The Mandalay and Bagan are arid areas, even in the wet seasons we hardly see any precipitation, while Yangon and the coast areas sometimes experience strong rainfalls for three month.

Burma is a charming and spiritually appealing land, largely unknown to the tourist. It is called the "Golden Land" because of the innumerable palagodas and monasteries that predominate the area. Burma also boasts a multitude of distinctive beauty and historic artefacts including glittering falls, charming seas, dazzling caverns, pristine sandy shores and the thousand-year-old gold coupe that is dotted all over Burma, especially in Bagan and Mandalay.

Learn more about these top tourist destinations that you should not miss on your trip to Myanmar: Yangon, the most cosmopolitan town in Myanmar, which until 2005 was the capitol of Myanmar, has been given the name "The Garden Town of the East". You' ll find the unbelievable Shwedagon Pagoda and have the opportunity to indulge your buying habits with the wide selection of Myanmar handicrafts.

andalay is the second biggest town in Burma (after Yangon) and a former Myanmar capitol. The Mandalay is known for its magnificent royal palace, the world's biggest tinkling bells in Mingun and the old PyinOoLwin mountain station, new experience around Myanmar. Well-known as the town of four million peagodas, Bagan is one of the wealthiest archeological places in Asia.

In all likelihood, Bagan is the high point of any Myanmar vacation.

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