Best places to see in Burma

Sights in Burma

You will see the best sights while still taking time to meet locals and immerse yourself in Burma's timeless culture. Myanmar is a time capsule of British colonial treasures, most of which can be found in Southeast Asia. It is the place where the locals play on the beach and have fun. Sunsets and sunrises in Asia have something magical about them. Burma has some good places to watch them.

Kalaw on a journey to Burma (Myanmar)

Situated to the western side of Lake Inle, it combines the influence of India and Nepal. Some of the many homes that the British constructed in the turn of the 20th and 20th centuries in Calaw are still in various states of deterioration and use. The majority are now staffed by either federal or army officers, although some are still incredibly quiet, apparently uninterrupted, since their occupiers have been gone 50 or more years ago.

If you are particularly interested in a bit of rural life, there are a number of residential colonies near the Amara Resort. Former Kingswood School is now a army clinic and the circuit is heavily covered, but church worship is still in Anglican church and is visited by Shan men trained by US misionaries.

The city has a significant populations of Nepali Gurkhas and Hindu Indians, Sikhs and Muslims who were taken to Calaw by the British to construct the railroad. The city has a strong impact with many regional eateries serving Nepali and Nepali cuisine with a touch of Burma.

Visiting Myanmar Top Places!

Visiting Myanmar Top Places! A few moments after we arrived in Myanmar, the "Golden Land", we saw a golden inspired coupé and didn't know it was the first of a hundred we would see all over Myanmar. This is part of Myanmar's civilization. You wonder where to go in Myanmar? Here is a shortlist of the top suggestions and some high points from Mandalay to Yangon.

At the top of our listing of Myanmar's major attractions is Mandalay, the former Myanmar Kingdom capitol, a stunning tourist attraction for historic and culture travellers. It' a great way to get started on our listing and ratings of key sights in Myanmar. From Amarapura, it stretches one kilometer to a town on the other side of Lake Taungthaman.

Mahamuni Buddist and the Great Buddha is a place of worship, one of the three holiest places in Myanmar. There is a large Buddha coated with a layer of goldfoil, which initially measured 6 tonnes and now weights 12 tonnes of all the extra pieces of bullion that the faithful have added to it.

The Buddha picture is said to be one of only five images modeled on Buddha. It is a Buddha ist the biggest Buddha school in the whole wide range. Together, all the records contain the complete Tipitaka text and were described as "the greatest volume in the world" according to the list of UNESCO Heritage Sites.

A further top place during your stay in Myanmar! Situated next to Shwenandaw Kyaung Monastery, this complex monastery is definitely a must have. There is a huge inner courtyard and the huge golden gates are imposing. The last item on this shortlist is the ideal place to take a 360 degrees look at Mandalay while watching the sunset on the Irrawaddy River.

It is home to the Inthar Indians, who inhabit the 17 lakeside towns and are known for their angling techniques. Inthar' s inhabitants have been on the water for generation and in timber buildings on stilt-beds. We were in reverence and fascinated by this calm sea, which can be so quiet that it reflects the Heaven.

This is definitely something you should not miss when you are in Myanmar. The timber abbey dating from the nineteenth and nineteenth centuries is the place where young novices are studying the Buddhist cloister. Fisherman are wearing the local trousers and you will see them all over Inle Lake. The Nga Phe Chaung Convent, The "Jumping Cats" wood convent on stilt, which has a library of Buddha pictures in Shanghai, Tibetan, Bagan, Inwa-look.

It is a vegetable grown on swimming islets all over the area. It is one of the most popular towns on the shores of Inle lake, where you can see the locals and attend the school. The Paw Kon weavery is a must see how fine fabrics are made on the weaves.

While we were unable to make it to Padaung Hilltribe, we were told that this was a truly extraordinary event to find out more about her everyday life, her tradition and her tribe clothing. It is an old town, but it is a lively place of cult for Buddhists. It is the first empire of Burma, today Myanmar, and is known as "the country of one million pagodas".

In Nyaung-U outside Bagan, this Buddhist stupa of gold leaf is encircled by churches and chests. The Yangon is known as " the Eastern Gardens Town ", the gate to Myanmar with its picturesque lagoons, shaded gardens, lush gardens and huge gold coupons! Myanmar's liveliest town is a rag rug of China and India neighbourhoods, marketplaces, pagodas, UK settlement structures such as Burma Railways, the post office and Strand Hotel.

Constructed 2,500 years ago, it is the world' s biggest 300-foot gilded memorial! On the patio there are tens of smaller Buddha and Buddha pictures that surround the huge gilded one. With 83,850 pieces of jewellery, 4,016 rings of gilt and 4,351 stones on the shovel and parasol, the tip of the Shwedagon is adorned with a 76 carats of gem.

We' ve flown a wide range of carriers on our 1-way services from one Myanmar town to the next. Are you interested in a journey to Myanmar? This is an exciting and great way to see these great places from the sky, as you can enjoy your flight over Mandalay, Inle Lake and Bagan!

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