Best places to go in Myanmar

The best destinations in Myanmar

Preparation for a journey: When' s Myanmar? Burma is a magnificent land in Southeast Asia. It is a marvellous place to explore its people, cultures and architectures. When are we leaving for Myanmar? Myanmar's best season is from November to February, after the tsunami, but before the heats.

Travellers are tempted by good weather and cold temperature.

Generally, the Myanmar has a fairly uniform weather throughout the entire state. When' s Myanmar? Travellers need to know the countrys climatic conditions for a great adventure in this lovely land. It is located in an area with a subtropical climatic zone, and Myanmar's climatic conditions are subdivided into three great periods of the year, characterised by monsoons and high southern humidities and a hot, arid central part.

During this period there may be some typhoons or windstorms from the East Ocean. The centre of the land, on the other side, is dryer. - From November to February: the best period is characterised by the lack of sunshine, the lack of precipitation and a comfortable climate. It' the perfect moment for visitors to explore this land and its beauty.

It has a very warm and sunshiny weather, especially in Bagan and Mandalay. Why are you in Myanmar? Once you have decided when to go to Myanmar, you must choose a Myanmar trip itinerary. It is important to know that the land has a long and interesting past, many works of culture and architecture and well-known historic sites.

It is a land that draws many international visitors with its scenic beauties and tranquillity. Burma is a place where travellers will find their fortune. Myanmar would not be complete without a visit to Bagan, the first Burmese Empire capitol, one of the greatest and most amazing places of Buddhism in the underworld.

Situated on the Yangon River and the Andaman Sea, this town is the primary goal of any Myanmar itinerary. Travellers will find many historic places, musea, markets, gardens and many churches and sculptures are coated with giltfoil. Don't miss the handcrafted goods (such as silk, lacquer, cigar, jewellery, etc.) that are ubiquitous in this land where the crafts still bring the vast majority of the people of Burma to life.

Burma will be an interesting travel destinations for those who like to travel. Burmese trips give you many wonderful souvenirs. Once you have chosen Myanmar, you can arrange your baggage to explore this wonderful land. Rangoon (or Yangon), the former capitol of Myanmar, is a..... Burma is the most rapidly expanding backpacker resort in the southeast.....

It is a land where the geographical situation has strongly affected its past..... The Buddhism penetrates every part of Myanmar and becomes a..... When you want to travel to Burma, Visa is certainly the..... Burma - the golden land in Asia, a well-known land..... When you don't have much spare your Myanmar trip.....

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