Best places to go in Myanmar

The best destinations in Myanmar

It is still a relaxing place to escape, and has a number of dramatic waterfalls nearby. Delightful cuisine and scenery both come from Shan State, Myanmar. Lake is a great place for fishing. As a rule, the locals have avoided all other means of transport in favour of two wheels. Here are the latest travel tips if you are thinking about visiting the sights and cities of Myanmar.

Guidebook to Myanmar's best locations

Myanmar has a wide range of destinations that will satisfy all kinds of people. There are 7 of the most interesting destinations in Myanmar, so continue reading to find out more. Myanmar's trading capitol is Yangon. Naypyitaw is the city' s main city, while Yangon has the sights and night life to entertain you.

Whilst other towns are trailing in fashionable pop-up stores, technological start-ups (the first online real estate firm has just emerged) and cooperation rooms, Yangon is the hottest, relatively unexplored South East Asia town you' ve been looking for. Floats, floating Floats, floating Floats. Humans come to Myanmar just to see this mystic town. Mandalay could perhaps be regarded as the historic capitol of Myanmar because it has succeeded in preserving tradition such as eating, puppetry and weave without being "watered down" as in Yangon.

Although some visitors say that there is not much to see here, its convents, castles and peaks are full of historical sites. Rather than live ashore, locals moved here and liked to be part of the seaside congregation. An Hpa is an underestimated city in Myanmar. It' near Mawlawmyine and Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock Pagoda), but in this city there is Saddan Cave, Zwegabin Mountain and many other outings.

Though other towns have many rides to offer, this Chillspot is ideal for those who want to spend a week-end in the outdoors. More secluded than Bagan, this former empire of Arakan is also full of coupirs. The Mrauk U is situated in the state of Rakhine on the western side of Myanmar. Although the Chinese authorities chose to move the city from Yangon to Naypyitaw because it was more central, much of the work and investment still takes place in Yangon or Mandalay.

Naypyitaw has a few musea, a kiosk and many chic hotel with pool (and very young guests).

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