Best places to go in Burma

The best destinations in Burma

Pagoda Shwethalyaung / Lying Buddha, Bagan. Bancassurance and official money changers give you the "real" and best course. It feels like I have achieved this and I have seen my list of the most important things in Myanmar.

Myanmar with children

Here are some suggestions for your next excursion. You will also get a good overview of the places with this great interactivity card! Bagan has over 2000 sanctuaries, Stupa's and Pagoda's in the sometimes sparse and sometimes verdant area. It is a privately run sanctuary for former Elephant.

You can see a breathtaking side of Burma by boating; breathtaking sanctuaries rise from the fog at dawn and if you are a visitor during the wet seasons, you' ll be able to see the luxuriant verdant view while you relax on a cruise. Thingyan is generally known as the Water Festival and allows Burmese New Year.

Thingyan' s main activity is the festival of waters. A-Kya Nei, the beginning of the festival, is indicated by the launch of a jettison canon into a well. Tossing waters with air pistols, hot air blowguns and tubes is common in many areas of Myanmar and the main destinations are touring!

The area is surrounded by fishermen's hamlets, aquatic activities and tasty fish cuisine. There are a number of places to go to for your Burmese families, it may be worthwhile to hire a serious tour operator like Inside Burma in order to make this easier for you. Accomodation and transportation can be organized together with fixed or tailor-made itineraries. It is therefore often advisable to plan your ideal journey.

The main tourist seasons begin in November and last until March. Even though most of us try to prevent the wet or" the " verdant seasons " that take place between May and October, it is a good period to attend if you want to prevent higher prices, higher costs of accomodation and the vast majority of visitors. Temperature is also colder during the summer months, tends to be lower around Bagan and Mandalay and averages 30° Celsius in comparison to 40 Celsius in the high seasons.

If you are from certain jurisdictions and your identity card must be in force for at least six month from the date of your arrival in Burma, you will need a student ID card. You can use a fare reservation site such as GoEuro or Skyscanner to find the most convenient airline companies to take you there, or you can ask InsideBurma to reduce the hassle of organizing a flight on one of their small group tours or tailor-made trips.

Self-support places are not really one thing in Burma, so the primary options are hostels. InsideBurmap offers some very useful hints to help you find the right home, plus a useful tip on whether your kid is old enough to use a hotelpool! The contribution is funded by Inside Burma.

Photographs by kind permission of Inside Burma.

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