Best places to go in Burma

The best destinations in Burma

The most important activities in Myanmar, Asia: Myanmar (Burma) is now one of the hottest destinations in Southeast Asia after opening up to the world. I've been in Myanmar for three amazing weeks, haven't I? Bagan or Mandalay are the best places from here.

Burma travel guide for backpackers!

People in Burma eat and drink their favourite teas. Darker and richer with as much evaporated water as possible - Teas are a Burmese community facility.... consumed in small teacups every morning while you spend a nice afternoon with mates.

Or if you want something a little more powerful, Myanmar beers are by far the most loved brands and can be found everywhere, from the side street beers station to pubs and dining places. It comes in many different designs and is an important element to stay chilly in the Burmese sun. It is no mystery that Myanmar has had more than a fairly proportion of policy "issues" in the last many years.

However, many individuals are likely to have moral uncertainty about whether or not they will come. View our guide to the best places in Myanmar below! Browse below to find some important information on travelling (visas, best times to go, etc.), an outline of each area and a mouseclick!

Myanmar is one of the least frequented places in Southeast Asia for apparent reasons. Some years ago the interpellation was: "Is it okay to pay a call while a dictatorial army keeps the democratic ruler of the land under detention? In more recent times the interrogation has been: "Is it okay to come against the Rohingya despite the racist motivated force in the Rakhine state?

But when you come to see them, be ready to make up your mind, or at least try. They may very well be asked to warrant your attendance by outraged mates when you return! Are you boycotting a trip to Myanmar? How is travelling in Myanmar? Myanmar has been insulated for so long that a trip to Burma can be like a journey through the ages to a secluded country.

Rickshaws, falling off colony remnants, humans carrying the old-fashioned" Longyi" with thin animals roaming the dust roads of cities where power is sometimes only available for part of the time. Incredibly large temples, a wealth y and diverse food, a captivating civilization, hot, welcoming locals and rugged scenery.... create a place that radiates the exotic and lets you comprehend why Burma fascinated authors of the past.

Useful information for travellers on their way to Myanmar: Yangon can be reached directly from important turnstiles such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong and Doha - but by far the most favourite flight routes are Bangkok (both Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang). There are also a number of Yangon connections to Chiang Mai in Thailand.

The only other major Myanmar intercontinental airports with non-stop services to Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand, Singapore and Kunming (China). Obtaining a Myanmar travel permit used to be a long and tedious procedure that could only be carried out in a personal embassy in Myanmar. A few were denied, especially if they were a journalist or writer.

However, nowadays it is very simple for travelers to get a visas on-line. Visit the Myanmar website here. Up until recently, Myanmar could not be reached by land, but only at Yangon, Mandalay or Naypyidaw airports. 28 day touristic visas - $50 US dollars.

70 day commercial entry $70 US dollars. It is possible to make payments with MasterCard, Amex or JCB and the process takes three working day, but you can also afford to buy more if you need a visas now. In Myanmar things have really moved in the last few years! Now there are cash machines that are accepting Visas, Mastercard, China's Union and Japan's JCB in all the larger towns and travel locations across the nation, and even some of the smaller ones.

It is possible to fly to most places in the whole nation, and of course this is the fastest way to get around - for some places like Mrauk U or Ngapali Beaches in the western or parts of the farther northern and southern areas it is by far the best choice, as the busses are inconvenient and can take several nights to get to your goal.

Classical itineraries are the Kalaw in the Shan Mountains and the ride over the giant Gokteik viaduct between Mandalay and Hsipaw. Irrawaddy River transports passengerships - there are many possibilities, especially in the northern part, but the most favorite is between Mandalay and the touristic hot spot of Bagan.

Many places in Myanmar offer motorcycle rentals, but riding is prohibited in Yangon and Bagan (Mandalay is a great place to explore by motorcycle and you are free to go on long multi-day trips). Much of Myanmar is more northerly than any other south-east Asia country!

The majority of low-cost accommodations in Myanmar are offered in the guesthouse format, where you normally spend $10 to $20 per overnight stay and breakfasts are inclusive. Throughout Myanmar, housing can become more costly due to a shortage of people. Now there are dormitories in Yangon and Bagan, but don't wait for the offers you would get in Thailand!

In Myanmar, you'll find everything from affordable accommodation to the last words in terms of luxuries (in the top spots). Here are two of the most popular hostels in Myanmar on our list of the best hostels. Myanmar is another area where Myanmar is rapidly evolving - in the past things were limited to the key areas (the big 4, as they were called: Inle Lake, Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay).

Today, however, you can visit many of the intriguing, often hilly frontier areas and go deeply southwards to Tanintharyi, with its breathtaking sandy beach and the huge Myeik archipelago (in the south). Because of the continuing conflicts, some parts are still inaccessible (although there is no risk of you inadvertently ending up in these places if you were turned around long before you arrive) and you still need permission to enter some parts, such as East Shan State.

The long-haul trip from Thailand is now free, but you need a permission for the crossing from India or China, which should be requested at least one months in advance. However, you will need to apply for one of them. Interesting facts about Myanmar: 1. the Shwedagon Pagoda on the slope of Yangon, the Myanmar capitol, is said to contain eight pairs of Siddartha Guatama hair.

Rudyard Ki-pling immortalised Mandalay in his poem'Mandalay' from 1892 and later in the song'On the way to Mandalay' from 1935. The main topic of the book is Kipling's fascination for the land and especially for a pretty Myanmar lady. You know that the villain actually only stayed 3 nights in the countryside and didn't even visit Mandalay?

Myanmar is dissected from north to south by the great Irrawaddy Riviera before it opens up into the Andaman Sea. At a catchment area of over 400,000 kilometers, the stream is an important resource for the lives of Myanmar's population. Burma has an astonishing 1,903 km of coast. Bagan, in the north of central Myanmar, is home to over 4,400 antique churches spread all over the world. They are over 800 years old.

You will find in Myanmar that the indigenous woman are wearing a light colored pasty on their cheek and forehead.

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