Best places to Eat in Yangon

The best places to eat in Yangon

Sitting in the garden under a canopy, order local delicacies such as coconut rice, pork with red curry paste, lophet thake and lentil soup. If you are looking for good Indian food, you should visit the Ashoka Indian Restaurant in Yangon for the first time. The most popular Thai restaurant in Yangon! Awesome place, very good Thai food, excellent service. Recipient of the prestigious Myanmore Dining &

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Nineteenth St. in Chinatown, Yangon (Rangoon), is known for its long lines of barbecues. See our full report on 19 st in Chinatown. It is a contemporary mid-range alternative for dining outside the vibrant centre of Yangon (Rangoon). Please have a look at our full report on them.

Rangoon is not always the simplest town where you can find proper WiFi in combination with proper dining - but Union Bar and Grill in the west direction, although the price is at the top end of what you would normally find in the town? Please have a look at our full report on Union Bar and Grill.

The city of Yangon (Rangoon) is known for its overcrowded, welcoming roads, full of sellers and full of people. Last change: Road sellers are to be prohibited from October. So, while you are enjoying the road and..... Please see our full report on Exploring Yangon's stands.

Things to see, do and eat in Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar: a profoundly spiritual and intriguing land, a place that will leave a lasting impressio n to the visitors. The former UK settlement is bordered by India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. The largest town is the former Yangon, the former capitol, where 7 million inhabitants live. Its dedication to Buddhism is something to be seen; you will no doubt see the shining gold tower of the Shwedagon Pagoda over the remainder of the town, the pillar of Buddhism throughout Myanmar.

Besides the old houses, the Yangon centre has the biggest number of houses from the colonies in the area. I have listed some of the most important places of interest in Yangon and some of my favorite places in the world. It dominates the sprawling cityscape and is the most venerated of Myanmar's pagodas and the icons of the whole state. It is a lighthouse of Buddhism.

Buddhism's core in the land is encircled by tens of elaborately adorned edifices and sculptures. The best time to come is the evening when horde of family and followers gather. Situated in the centre of Yangon, this open space is a perfect example of rural architectural style.

Myanmar's maze of crafts, arts and crafts, gemstones such as Myanmar red and white ruby, folk costumes, archaeological artefacts, and more. When you need to change cash, you will find the best (black market) prices in jewellery stores. Naturally, every good local fair that' s rich in salts provides good nutrition, and that's no exception: here you'll find great dishes from all parts of the world.

I think this is the best Mohingya (fish or Myanmar food)! On Mondays and bank holiday the fair is closing. More than 2,500 years old, this gold-plated Stupa in the center of Yangon is a useful symbol for navigation in the town. An important point in the town with its always shining spheres, it is a meeting place for policy demonstration and policy and as such has been a major player in Burma's modern policy.

In the evenings, when the golden colour is a reflection of the evenings, you will find a bustling shopping centre with peddlers who sell all types of Myanmar food (which also mirrors the gastronomic influence of neighboring countries India, China, Thailand and Laos). Hindi sandwiches like red & parathy, Burmesian pasta lettuce, samossa choke (salad) with lentils, steams, sweet biscuits in bankana leaves, sticky rices and an unbelievable selection of dosas (similar to a crêpe), available in a variety of sweets and hearty toppings!

Cycling through the luxuriant landscape, stroll through old towns and stunning sanctuaries, or swimming in a river boat on our Myanmar Active Expedition, we take in the land at a speed that mirrors its softness. The Yangon has a large population of people and an unbelievable selection of fine dining in India.

One of Yangon's best restaurants in India, this genuine North India style eatery offers great prizes and a semi-formal ambience for Yangon pros and ex-pat. Situated in the Loft Hotel, this large, design-oriented eatery has a stylish café and lounges. Le Planteur is considered the most attractive Myanmar style of dining and is situated in a wonderful villa with a view of Lake Inya.

Nestled in a hundred year old country house, this hotel offers a variety of cosmopolitan kitchens so you can enjoy either Thai, China, Burmese as well as West European kitchen. It is also a reminder of important periods in Myanmar's history: it was once the first Myanmar secretariat of General Aung San, Myanmar's chief of autonomy (and Aung San Suu Kyi's father), among others.

It is a well-known restaurant in the whole of Myanmar, but with good value for money and delicious meals, it is an ideal place to taste Myanmar's cuisine. You will find one of the first old commercial buildings, which was renovated for official use, groceries from the area, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

An old folkloric atmosphere with pictures of old Yangon covering the wall and being in the city centre - definitely a great place to relax and have a cool drinks!

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