Best places in Myanmar

The best places in Myanmar

The Ngapali Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Myanmar. Myanmar offers some of the best sights in Southeast Asia, from the serenity of Lake Inle to the spectacle of the Bagan temples. Have a look at our Myanmar travel guide. It has some of the best places to experience the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Like an artist, clouds and rainbows placed in unlikely places.

2015 Full Myanmar Honeymoon Guide

Are you looking for an extravagant getaway for your honeymoon? Search no further than Myanmar. Formerly known as Burma, the land is still an under-radar retreat area. Burma is one of the few places where you can sometimes find yourself totally unconnected to the contemporary state. Take yourself back in history on a wedding trip to Myanmar.

For whom is a Myanmar Honeymoon best suited? Myanmar honeymoons are not for everyone, but there is no more romantically place for the right family. The majority of the world' s population combines honeymooning with beach holidays or luxury holiday resorts in Europe, but that is not everyone' s cup of tea. Myanmar has some stunning sandy spots and some luxury places, but that's not what most come for.

There are few places left in Myanmar, an astonishing civilization. Honeymooning in Myanmar will still be like an adventurous journey, and if you are ready for it, there is no better way to begin your life together than a journey to Myanmar. Myanmar has a recommended two weeks holiday.

Be sure to check out our full Myanmar travel schedule. Myanmar's major airport is in the major towns of Yangon or Mandalay and your honeymoon is most likely to begin in either of these two towns. We recommend that you spend two overnight stays in this town and then drive to Inle Lake for 3-5 after that.

Avoid the best and enjoy your last few honeymoons in the lovely town of Bagan. When you get back, you can also discover Yangon or Mandalay at the end of your journey, as you will probably have to take off from one of them.

Myanmar's second town, Mandalay, has more to boast than most people would like. Mandalay has a great deal to do, especially for the adventure-loving honeymooner. Stay a few days in the town, before leaving for other parts of Myanmar on your own flitter. One of Mandalay's most beautiful places of interest are the colourful sunrisings and sets at the U-Bien-Br├╝cke.

In case you don't make it to dawn, we recommend that you book this personal bow-leg bridging trip so you can observe the Mandalay sights. Observe the sundown from the top of Mandalay Mountain - See the rising sundown of the Mandalay hills.

If you want to know all the things you can do in Mandalay, take a look at our full Mandalay guides. So we hired a personal chauffeur for the afternoon, who took us to all the places and places in Mandalay we wanted to see. It is recommended that you book your own personal driving here for only $61 for 10 lessons so you do not have to deal with taxis in Mandalay.

Yangon, the former capitol, is still the trading centre and a great place to begin your Myanmar flitter. It is a mixture of old churches and places from the colonisation. Visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda - One of the most important attractions of the town is the huge gold Shwedagon Pagoda.

The Kandawgyi Park - The Kandawgyi Park's tranquil backyards are a tranquil haven in the town. It' a great place to have a relaxed afternoons on your twilight week. Bagan, the antique town, is the state' s culture capitol and a favourite of honeymoons. I think you should be planning on Bagan being the longest stop on your twilight getaway.

It is one of the largest areas for tourist and lodging for honeymoons you can find here. We recommend that you allow more free rein than you think, because you will be falling in Love with Bagan. Here in Bagan the rising daylight, the mostly misty sky shines in delicate pastels over the thousand shrines in the early hours of the mornings. The warm breezes of warm mountain days are soaring by.

Make a hot-air baloon trip over the temple of Bagan - calmly past old sanctuaries on board a hot-air baloon at dawn is definitely a honeymoon pail schedule element. This is the recommended aeroplane over Bagan, the firm we rode with. View Bagan from the top of Bagan Tower - For the best view of Bagan, walk to the top of the 200ft high Bagan lookout tower to the northeast of the temple narthr.

Hire e-bikes and get lose together - The most enchanting thing you can do on your Myanmar honeymoon is discover the temple together. In Bagan, visitors can hire e-bikes and the streets and the temple are an experience in themselves. When you spend several nights in Bagan, you should book a personal chauffeur on the first morning who will show you everything about Bagan so you can get a feeling for the town and plan your next one. It's only $77 for 8h.

Lake Inle is a great place to unwind during your Myanmar flitter. Myanmar's relaxed ambience is great for enjoying the country scenery. Myanmar's second most visited tourism area, Inle Lake offers many high-level, busy and honeymoonable accommodations.

Overlooking the Inle Sea - Take a flight over the Inle Sea for one of the most beautiful summer balloons in your world. Float silent 10,000 ft over the tranquil Inle River at sunrise. Visiting the Red Mountain Winery - you will be cultivating in Myanmar's tropic climat.

Although the wine is not as good as on a French Honeymoon, it is still a great place to enjoy the luxuriant hills of the countryside of Myanmar for an afternoons. Enjoy yourself and find a bike ride itinerary for a great time around Lake Inle on your twilight-week.

Asiatico Inle Pub has a great roof top cocktail lounge with 2,000k hot-hours. Subtropical Myanmar's southwest is not your usual retreat but for those who decide to come they are awarded with pristine sandy shores and unexplored isles. The best way to see Myanmar's riches is on a diving safari on your twilight holiday.

Cockscomb Iceland - A one-of-a-kind stop on your Honeymoon is an emerging heart-shaped sea on a secluded Myanmar Isle. Rock up the rocks to see this stunning lychee in Myanmar to begin your Honeymoon. Sailing on a Myanmar diving safari cruiser - Sailing on a sailing boat in the Andaman Sea that explores desert isles is one of the best honeymoon experiences I've ever known.

Scuba Diving from a live-aboard - If you both like diving, get on a diving vessel and cruise the clear water around Myanmar for your honeymoon. With only two official accommodation options while you explore southern Myanmar, both offer accommodation suitable for honeymoons.

Transport can be arrange with the hotels to get to these secluded Honeymoon locations. Luxury oceanfront Wa Ale Island Resort in Myanmar. To find better fares than to fly directly to Myanmar for your honeymoon, consider book your flight to Bangkok or other Southeast Asia highways.

Local airfares to Myanmar are much cheaper. A further advantage is that you can include an additional stop on your honeymoon, such as Bangkok, before travelling to Myanmar. Burma is not as inexpensive as the neighbouring country, which may seem counterintuitive, as it is much less advanced in many ways.

Honeymooning in Myanmar will probably be a little more expensive than a Thai trip for example, but overall it is still a cheaper Honeymoon destination. Myanmar's avarage wedding trip of two weeks: $5280 for about 2 persons. When the Maldives is not for you, look at our other Flitterwochenf├╝hrer.

Have you spent your Honeymoon in Myanmar? Or were you in Myanmar? Post a review below about what your favourite thing about Myanmar is!

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