Best places in Burma

The best places in Burma

Best Kalaw Sunrise / Sunset spots. Things to eat in Kalaw. The best places to live in Mandalay andalay is a wonderful old town. It' s taking a while to get used to the rhythms of this old capitol, and it's definitely a good idea to stay here for a days or two just to discover the dust of the streets and jingle with the stoneworkers and craftsmen. Located near Mandalay Palace is the Red Canal Red Sea Small, a small, friendly shop-house colonial styled establishment.

This is one of the best Burmese restaurants and is definitely our favorite in Mandalay.

Burma/Myanmar - Best places to sleep

What are the best places in Myanmar? How long should you spend in each place? Below is a short description of how long I would be recommending you in different places in Burma/Myanmar. What is the procedure for your reservation? Some places need you or someone who can talk Burmese to call on your name and to verify your reservation.

When you need to do this, ask a ticket office at one of the places where you are to help you. We' ve been reading that the accommodations are fully occupied in the high seasons, so we tried to reserve some accommodations in anticipation. I am happy that we did it, as the best seats seemed to be on.

Mother Land Inn 2 was fully stocked upon our arrival and we were happy to have reserved it in time. They' ve got us an accomodation on the top of the Golden Rock in front of us. You also suggested a place to live in Bago. We' ve been able to get the Mother Land Inn 2 recommendation by e-mail, although we had to make a deposit to prepay for it.

So we went to Mandalay and spent the night at 79 Living which we had reserved in advanced through and we lived at the May Kha Lar Guest House outside New Bagan. Reservations were made by calling our Mandalay front desk on our name. A new visit would keep me somewhere near the city, maybe with a swimmingpool or a private terrace, as it gets a bit warm in the afternoon.

Overnight at the Eastern Paradise Guest House, which we reserved at our Mandalay front office. Inexpensive, neat and with a great breakfasts - the best we had in Myanmar - it was great to start a stroll to Inle Lake. From Kalaw to Inle Lake we organised a fantastic 3 days/2 nights hike with A1 hiking.

That was one of the high points of our Burma-journey. It is about 60+km and my legs were VERY hurtful when we got to Inle Lake, so it was great to have a beautiful place to go to for checking in. Our Big Bag had already taken A1 Tours to the chosen hotels so that they were awaiting us on our way.

For the Inle Lake we suggest 2 full nights plus one additional night to see Kakku. I lived in the magnificent May Guesthouse in Nyaungshwe, which I would suggest. We' ve made a reservation in advanced by e-mail to Welcoming them in this guesthouse was very useful and helped to arrange a cab and a tour leader to see Kakku and JJ bus to Yangon.

The city of Nyaungshwe is the capital on the top of the mountain, where most hotels, pubs and guesthouses are located, so I would suggest you stay somewhere else. There' s a few more luxury spots along the shore, but they're pretty hard to reach and I think you'd have to have dinner there in the evening, it was colder than we were in Inle Lake, so I don't think you need a swimmingpool here.

Arriving in the mornings, we check-in at Mother Land 2's Mya Nanda Hotel and arrange a last-minute ride with a rider to the sights. Guesthouse operator got us coach passes to Kyaiktiyo. From Bago we took the coach to Kinpun (the capital, where you can get a car to the Golden Rock), which took about 3 h.

The next mornings we reserved the way back to Yangon and some busses were already full. To watch the sun set and rise on the Golden Rock and listen to and see the vigil, you will need to spend the nights in a certified hotels on the top of the Golden Rock.

As there are few top class establishments, they are pricey, usually full of groups and sold out, so make sure you reserve at least a few month in advance if you can. When you stay on top of the hill, I strongly suggest to go to Kyaiktyo with only one nightpack and leave your big pocket in Yangon/Bago.

In order to reach the top of the peak, visitors are squeezed into large 4×4 cars for the 45-minute drive to the top. When you don't care about the sun rise or set, you can remain in the city at the foot of the mound, just make sure you don't miss the last of the jeeps.

Mountaineer Top is the most beautiful place on the hill, and you can now make your reservation on-line through the hotel's website. Once the MOUTTAIN TOP HOUSE is fully reserved as it is for us, there is another possibility that is just as pricey but much easier.

Mother Land Inn 2 reserved for us in anticipation, but we had to wire the funds to prepay. Later we learned of a less expensive guesthouse, also located on the top of the hill, but there seemed to be some uncertainty as to whether it was open to international travel.

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