Best places in Burma

The best places in Burma

Spend your time exploring these beautiful places in Myanmar. If there is a place in Myanmar you should visit, it is definitely Bagan. Attempt to schedule a visit towards the end of your trip; it is one of the best places in Myanmar to pick up some souvenirs and gifts for family and friends at home. Family excursion Burma;

Yangon; Shwedagon Pagoda. Are you looking for the best places in Myanmar?

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Burma is a vast nation renowned worldwide for its variety of enchanting tourist attractions, historic and heritage sites and an exciting place to be. From the hectic pace of Yangon town centre to the swimming towns and parks of Inle Lake, all kinds of travel destination are always waiting to be adventurous.

Don't miss an opportunity to be impressed by the buddhistic dedication that floods the whole land with adoring couples and shrines. Alternatively, it could just be a pause from everyday life in Myanmar to the rugged south and its rugged coastline. The purpose of this current section is to help you get a panorama of the most appealing places so that you can find out which places are right for your upcoming amazing journey.

destinations in Central Myanmar, Myanmar (Burma)

One of Myanmar's major tourist destinations is this Templesuit. Formerly the capitol of a mighty antique empire, the area known as Bagan (????) or, from a bureaucratic point of view, the "Bagan Archaeological Zone" covers an imposing area of 26 square kilometres. Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) rivulet floats past its north and west sides. At the heart of the archaeological zone of Bagan are several of the most important temples, ramparts, a factory, a museum, a restored castle, a number of boutiques and a group of mid- to upper-price hotel establishments.

It lies directly at a curve of the Ayeyarwady stream and it is rewarding to walk down to the shore to observe the coming and going of the same. Nyaung U, a busy riverside city with more activity than anywhere else in Bagan (????????) is the place where most independents carry their backpacks.

New Bagan (Bagan Myothit; ????????????) was not as busy as Nyaung U, although it is nearer the lush Temple, when the administration moved the town out of the Old Bagan area in 1990. They have done their best to make the most of their new home, with a net of shaded, stuffy streets off the rivers.

As his neighbor Mandalay, a trip to Monywa (??????) is not really about the city itself, but about a number of interesting sights in the area. Expressed in two words (mon-ywa), Monywa is an exciting commercial city that makes a reasonable stop when driving northwards between Bagan and Mandalay.

Pyay (????; Prome) is the most interesting station on the Yangon-Bagan Hwy with an airy position on the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River. The glorious era of the town goes back to the old Pyu capitol Thayekhittaya, whose partly unearthed remnants are 5 mi. eastwards of Pyay's other star attraction: the shimmering Shwesandaw Paya.

Taungoo, a bustling motorway city (???????; also called Toungoo) is a favourite place to stay for the night for visitors and trucker. With some interesting sanctuaries, a vibrant center square and a lovely sea, it has more sights than any other city on Yangon-Mandalay Hwy, but then there's not much rivalry.

Meiktila, an appealing seaside city ( ???????), at the intersection of Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle lake, is a bustling small trading center with many natives in uniforms from the military base outside the city. According to the legends, King Anawrahta, the founding father of Bagan, had a small pool here that widened into today's western area.

Situated about half a nap from Old Bagan, this otherwise dozy town has been home to family-run paint shops for generation after generation. There are at least a couple of dozens of shops and shop windows near the early Bagan temple of the city. Bagan origins in the Bagan age ( ???), 22 leagues southwards of Bagan, date back to the twelfth and thirteenth century.

Approximately 155 miles due to Pyay and 93 miles due to Salay, Magwes (?????) Venue on the Ayeyarwady River is lovely enough, as is the imposing 1. 8 mile Magwe Bridge. Pakokku (??????) is a transit point for unpredictable travelers on the western side of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River and is a welcoming city famous for its tobaccos and thaneakha.

A few visitors now remain here with the new viaduct that connects them to Bagan, 16 mile to the South in 30 mins. It is not Bagan, but this antique site, about 5 km eastwards from the center of Pyay, offers a pleasant, relaxed and often isolated voyage of discovery. Shwedaung ( ?????????), about 9 km from Pyay on the Yangon highway, contains the infamous Shwemyetman Paya (Paya of the Golden Spectacles), a hint of the large, myopian Buddhas sitting there.

A few more leagues further southwards is Shwenattaung Paya, a mountain sanctuary from many hundreds of years.

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