Best place to Visit in Yangon Myanmar

The best place to visit Yangon Myanmar

The Americans need a visa to visit Myanmar. Arrival in Myanmar - Facts worth knowing There is always a light thrill when you land in a new place, it's only a matter of course. However, please rely on us when we say that we would not have felt welcome when we got off the aircraft and arrived in Myanmar. When we landed at Yangon International Airfield, we were met with smiles and helpfulness.

The Yangon is a place of action. It' a great way to learn about Burma's civilization and although the hectic pace is as discouraging as in any other Asiatic town, this place has the friendliest ambience of all. Some tips before we forget....there is no local transportation near the airfield, so you have to take a cab.

Don't more than 10 US$ or 13,000 Kie. There is also a practical grave application that' s really useful to download, that is the Myanmar equivalents of Uber, although there is a high probability that you will not have any information when you first get there, so this is for your own use. The Myanmar Simcards are easy, there are MPT, Telenor or Ooredoo.

We' ve talked to some local people who all said that MPT is the best sign and this has convinced us - we payed 1500 kyats for the Dim and 3000 kyats for a 2GB packet. Eating in Yangon is surreal! If you are looking for five treatments, Sedona will be able to provide you with the best service!

We were well taken care of by the boys before we left Myanmar. Mid Budget - Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel - We stayed a full 4 overnight stays on the old 1920s boat and would strongly advise it. Hostel9 Yangon - One of the lowest priced and cleaner in town.

Other Yangon accommodation rates can also be found here.

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