Best place to Visit in Yangon Myanmar

The best place to visit Yangon Myanmar

Marvel at beautiful paintings in the Yangon Gallery. Take a look at the colonial buildings on Pansodan Street. Remember the intense history of Myanmar at Taukkyan War Cemetery. We have a selection of the best places in Yangon with a charming B&B and a boutique near the main attractions. The Burmese pray at their day shrine when they visit a pagoda.

Myanmar Yangon: Best place to visit in Southeast Asia

Burma (formerly Burma) and the Republic of Myanmar is a beautiful land in Southeast Asia bordered by Thailand, China, Laos, India and Bangladesh. I had Myanmar on my itinerary for a long period and eventually landed at Yangon International Airport on February 11, 2017.

As I received eVisa to Myanmar, you can see in my former paper, and I will be sharing the remainder with you here. Air Asia is a low-cost carrier that operates throughout South East Asia, the fare is very low within the South East Asia area, I have my one-way from Bangkok to Yangon for only $70 (just one night before departure), you can find cheaper offers if you reserve a few nights later.

So I knew the price, but I just took a cab on the ground for 10,000 KYATS, that's the official money and that's $7US$.

It is 15km from Yangon city centre and it takes almost half an hours to get to your final destinations if you are staying in the city. Myanmar's value of currencies is very low against the US dollar, and you will receive 1400 US dollars in your own currencies against $1 (as of February 2017), and believe me, you will get fatigued to spend this moneys. Accommodation in Myanmar is accessible to all kinds of people.

My room was $16 (for two people), and that was a beautiful room in the inner center near all the favorite rides in Yangon Town. Always using to book rooms, and the Yangon overnight stay was "Ocean Pearl Inn III" (link attached), which costs me $16 per person per day for two.

Burma is a relatively inexpensive tourist spot throughout Southeast Asia, I went to some souvenir shops to find India and the one I found at a bustling Yangon fair only costs me $3 for a two person snack (lunch) inclusive of alcohol. In the evening I went to a better and brand-named place, which costs us $8 for a supper (two people).

All in all, Myanmar's groceries, beverages and fruit are very cheap. Yangon is a large and bustling town, so the price is higher here than in the remainder of Myanmar. But the taxi I used back in town only charged me $2 for a 5 km drive, and I found out that taxi driver are very sincere when they indicate the price.

Alternatively, you can use Google Maps to verify the distances before renting a cab on the road. I have many beloved and historic places in Myanmar, but since I only went to Yangon and spent a whole days there, I will tell you the people there. In Myanmar, Yangon is a pristine and verdant town so you will be able to spend your time there.

Burma is very well known for its buddhistic monasteries and histories, and you can find them everywhere. Probably the largest Yangon sanctuary is the Shwedagon Pagoda, which is a few leagues from the city centre, and you can take a $1 or $2 US $ cab to get to this place from the city centre, it is a large area that you can visit and discover if you are a fan of historic things and sisters.

It is another well-known buddhistic sanctuary right in the centre of Yangon, which you can visit on foot if you are in the city centre. It is a lovely garden directly behind the Sule Pagoda and in front of the town hall buildings, a lovely edifice with contemporary architectural style.

Myanmar Independence Monument is also within the gardens, the gardens are clear and verdant, you will find many local people and visitors in the gardens who hang out with pals and alone. When I happened to visit this place, I asked the taxi cabbie to take me to the Yangon side and he took me to this aquatic farm that was right on the shore.

Entrance to the reserve cost $20 for the whole night, and you can take any of them. After entering the aquapark we spent an hours there, it was really a beautiful aquapark for children and family. When you have a whole days time, try here.

Thanks for having read this manual, frankly, despite so much hardship in Myanmar, the folks in this land are still very sincere and will be glad to help you if you ask them anything. I' ve been to Myanmar and I'll let you know if you've ever been to Myanmar or plan to visit in the near-term.

Don't overlook my Myanmar blog, where you'll see almost everything in Yangon. P.S.: I've only been in Yangon one and a half days, but I suggest you stay in Myanmar for at least a whole weekend if you really want to take in the sun.

Myanmar offers many interesting sightseeing tours.

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