Best place in Yangon

Yangon's Best Place

There is no denying that the Shwedagon Pagoda is the best place to enjoy the sunset in Yangon. Blessing health massage and spa: Strangely anglicised in'Rangoon' under British rule, Yangon is one of the world's largest unsung cities, and certainly the friendliest! Best place to visit Yangon Myanmar. In Yangon there are numerous inexpensive, backpacker-friendly restaurants.

The best places for sunset in Yangon

It is the former capitol of Myanmar and has many colorful houses and palagodas to discover. Things to do such as round trip by rail, overnight fair and boating to Yangon are the most favourite things to do in Yangon. So what about the sundown in this lovely city? Don't be afraid, we will show you the best place to watch the sun set and sense the time.

There is no denying that the Shwedagon is the best place to watch the sun set in Yangon. The majority of visitors to the Shwedagon pit in the evenings to watch the sun set and discover the distinctive cultures, customs and beliefs of Tibetan and Tibetan Buddhism. In the Shwedagon pit you can also discover the 10 handicrafts of Myanmar.

When you walk with your leader, ask him where you can see the glittering diamonds on top of the pagoda. Lake Kandawgyi is one of the main tourist sites in Yangon. In the mornings and afternoons most folks come to see her for pictures of the Shwedagon Pagoda and the lakes.

Yes, it is also good to experience the sundown there in the evenings, the sound of Mother Earth, the wonderful Karaweik Hall and the wonderful sea and backdrop of the Shwedagon Pagoda are truly astonishing. It is a lovely place to discover it. It is possible to take a boat trip at sundown, enjoying cocktails and dinners together on the sundeck.

They were the tallest building in Yangon. Today there are more rockets in Yangon than ever before, the Thiripyitsaya Sky Bistro is a really lovely place to watch the sundown. They can see the whole town, lovely Shwedagon Pagoda, town centre, Sule Pagoda, etc..

Yangon's Best Place for Recreational and Progressive Massages - Review of Health Breath Massages and Spa, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

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Miss Sarah, who is an English speaker, is a graduate of Wat Pho Massaging School in Thailand. Her personnel are very well educated, because the Health Blessing massages are very well. Admittedly, this degree of relax and enjoyment is also hard to find in Thailand, thanks to Miss Sarah for her friendliness and thanks to all the employees for their great work.

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