Best of Yangon

The best of Yangon

These are the best spots. The top 5 bars in Yangon, curated by PARKROYAL Picks, your personal travel insider, guarantee a cheerful, alcoholic evening. The YangonYangon Bar is located on top of Sakura Tower. Recipient of the prestigious Myanmore Dining & Nightlife Awards for: Discover the local life and hidden treasures of Kyauk Tan and Syriam on the outskirts of Yangon.

4-Day Best Of Yangon and Bagan Tour

A 4 days trip to all the Yangon and Bagan attractions. Yangon Shoppin & Department Take in some groceries at Yangon's Scott Market before you are taken to the airfield for your return journey. N/AWhat's include Accomodation with bed and breakfasts in select hotel Food as stated in the route Personal itineraries and all amenities as stated in the route Personal transport with A/ C: International flights:

Prices for all of the above What is not including Restaurants Early Check-in and Early Check-out; Other Food not listed in the Itineraries. Individual expenditures (such as linen, phone, beverages, etc.) Tips for tour guide and driver Mandatory Myanmar Visa charges (contact our tour guide for more information)

Yangon work cafés: How can I find the best coffees, sweets and good Wi-Fi?

By 2015, one guy who spends the second ten-year of his lifetime touring the globe and assessing the Wi-Fi coverage in each of them considered Myanmar the inferior. So for all the nomadic digitals, businessmen and college kids who are trying to work on the web, here is a listing of the best places in Yangon to soak up some coffee, have a tasty meal and soak up a nice ambience while you do your work.

Situated right next to the Parami Institute - a centre for adult art studies that trains the next generations of Myanmar minds and guides - it is often full of young minds working hard on creative work. Wi-Fi is common with the Parami Institute and is quick and trustworthy.

Cafe overlooking the top of the Shwegondine overpass, so it can get noisy on the porch, but it's calm enough. The Misfit Roof Cafe is on the third storey of Shwe Gon Plaza, on the intersection of Shwegondine Road and Kabar Aye Pagoda Road. There are labels with the inscription "Wi-Fi" inside, and the passwords are stuck on the tool holder on each of them.

Wi-Fi is good Wi-Fi with a good sound but not very high. It' noisy, repeating and better for a fitness studio than a coffee shop, but earphones are a good choice for those who think it's a bit of a hassle. The Regional Bistro Bar is situated on the intersection of Link Street and Dhammazedi Road, within the Golden Link Residence Komplex, in Bahan Township.

This district is a jewel in Yangon - clear, light and fashionable enough to be anywhere in the whole wide globe. If you order a beverage or a meal, you will get one or two chips that allow you to use Wi-Fi for three inches each. The Wi-Fi is usually dependable and powerful enough to download and browse your document, but not to upload it, according to a frequent user.

District Coffee Lounge is situated on the intersection of Saya San Road and Kokkine Swimming Pool Road in Bahan township. Easycafé is definitely living up to its quest to "make it simple, take it quietly and have it easy", at its two sites in Yangon - one in the city centre and the other in the city centre.

Wi-Fi is high-speed when you're the only one there, and it will slow down when the place heats up. It serves as a lounge for all who enter and provides an accessible selection of coffee, tea, biscuits, and Asia-West mergers. Situated on Nar Nat Taw Road between Kyun Taw Road and Pyay Road.

Situated on the inner city at Bo Yar Nyunt Road and Nawaday Road. Goekko must be the best place to work in Yangon, and hardly anyone seems to know. Situated inside the historical Sophaer building in the city centre, the Gekko interiors feature classy, comfortable buttocks.

In the daytime, the lower level is lit by daylight, and the top level has a cosy, cave-like ambience that makes it easier to focus on the job at hand. Here you'll find the perfect place to relax. Oh, and the place is cold by yangon conventions, so be sure to get a pullover when you get there for a while.

Wi-Fi is probably the quickest of all restaurants in Yangon, and it's hardly overcrowded during the afternoon, especially at the top. Goekko is on the intersection of Merchant Road and Pansodan Road. However, it also has unexpectedly good Wi-Fi and "shockingly fair" prizes, according to one critic. Phayre from Pansodan Street 292, in the centre of Yangon.

Yangon Food's new leader is also a great place to enjoy your computer time. It' s cosy inside and light outside, and the Wi-Fi is quick enough not to cause any discomfort. The Babett is situated on the groundfloor of Hotel G, on the intersection of Yaw Min Gyi Road and Alan Pya Paya Road.

At the beginning of this year, when Fiftyth Street Bar was updated, it not only revised its menus and interiors, but also its Wi-Fi, which is now generally working and sometimes very fast. And the best way to enjoy a full meal on Fifty Street is to be starving, because the food is big.

Fiftyth Street Bar is on Fiftyth Street, just off Merchant Road. Wi-Fi isn't really high-speed, but it's good enough to spend long periods sitting here and getting bogged down in what you do. The Craft Café is situated on the intersection of Nawaday Road and Bo Yar Nyunt Road in Yaw Min Gyi Ward, Dagon Township.

The Alfa Hotel is best known for its spooky corridors and breathtaking view of the rooftops of Yangon, but it is also known for hosting one or two lonely nomads in its cafe on the basement level. They say the Wi-Fi link is very high. The Alfa Hotel is situated at 41 Nawaday Street in Yaw Min Gyi Ward, Dagon Township.

In case you are not happy with one of the above mentioned features, you can always write to one of the big hotel praise sites in Yangon: They are known to have Wi-Fi that is good enough to please people from all over the globe, but usually you have to buy an expensive one.

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