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The best of Yangon

We show you all the faces of Yangon, from busy neighbourhoods to remote villages. You want to create your own individual best. Best of Yangon Tour. The best nightlife with a relaxed atmosphere and breathtaking views of Yangon. logo_taittinger;

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3D2N itinerary for the best of Yangon

Yangon, the former Myanmar capitol, is the principal gate for travelers to the state. Though Nay Pyi Taw is now an offical Myanmar capitol, Yangon is still Myanmar's most important business center, and the town still attracts people who want to visit Myanmar.

The ride to the Shwedagon Pagoda, the ride on the Yangon Circular Train and the meal of the Yangon Circular Court "Mohinga" are just a few of the things you should do when visiting Yangon. The Yangon region provides many opportunities for travelers. "Whatever your travel preferences, you can always find yourself falling in love with Yangon, where there are so many different places to stay in this 598 sqkm town.

Here is a detailed route to help you get the most out of your 3D2N trip to Yangon. To Myanmar, the easiest way is by plane. Singapore/Thailand are the most frequent destinations for Yangon tourists. Though some people come to Myanmar through the Thai and Chinese borders, road trips can be strenuous and tiring before you start your Yangon adventures.

Whilst in Yangon, I suggest you hire a vehicle to explore the town. As you can see, busses are crowded during business hour and the Myanmar administration is still working on the best way to improve transport for the population. Renting a four-passenger vehicle for an entire full week only cost about $50-60.

You can also take a cab to go from place to place in Yangon if you do not want to hire a vehicle, as the price of a cab in the town is quite reasonable. The Oway Ride is a locally based taxis transport company in Myanmar, and this is just another possibility for you.

The Uber and Grab have been on the Myanmar markets since early 2017, so you can also make a trip through the city. Another less expensive way is to stop a cab and make a deal with the chauffeur. Whatever means of transport you decide on, you should be negotiating for half the original fare, as the tariffs for public transport are not yet standardised.

Regarding lodging, I suggest you either in Chinatown or in the Sule areas. They are both in the centre of Yangon and there are many lodges in these areas. The Shangri-La on Sule Pagoda Street is the most sought after choice for those who enjoy the best locations in Yangon.

As of 2016, more FDI has come to Myanmar, and more choice is now available to tourists, including Novotel, Melia and Lotte, for their Yangon sojourn. Now it' the funny part: how to spend your 3D2N trip in Yangon and all the sights of this lovely town.

Visiting the city centre of Yangon is a must. Strolling through the Sule Pagoda you will see the bustling lives of the Yangonese, as this is the most important commercial area in Myanmar. Nightscenes from the centre of downtown Yangon are exquisit. The Sule Pagoda is bordered by the Immanuel Baptist Church and the Bengali Sunni Jameh Mosque.

Climbing up the steps of the Sule pit, you can see the views from above and Yangon in a different day. Stroll around the area and admire this gold stupa, constructed more than 2,500 years ago. In the center of the garden there is a memorial of independency, and you can simply stay on the area.

During your stay, if an overseas soccer competition takes place, you can see the big screens next to the grounds where the natives are supporting Myanmar's soccer game. Soccer is the most favourite game in Myanmar, and you can interfere with the natives if there is such an outing.

Then cover your luncheon with a glass of Myanmar black coffee. If you are in Yangon, you must have your own cup of coffee. There are many colorful monuments, such as the Myanmar Port Authority Building, the Telegraph Office and the Rangoon High Court Building, all on Pansodan Street. To learn more about these colorful monuments, you can join the Yangon Heritage Trust Tour for $30 per capita.

The Botahtaung Harbor is the next target. From Pansodan Street you can take a cab for only 1,000 Kyats (less than $1). Arriving early at the port, you can go to Botahtaung Peak, which is right next to the port. They can get wandered in the Botahtaung Pagoda's gold labyrinth and see thousand of Buddha pictures on the area.

Finish your first days in Yangon in the most amazing way by attending the Shwedagon Lagoon, the definitive symbol of Yangon. There' s an obligatory entry price of $8 for a foreigner, but this small amount for such a magnificent coupe is definitely deserving. The 105-metre long gold silhouette is said to contain relicts of Lord Buddha, and the Myanmar tribe considers the Shwedagon silhouette the holiest of all pagodas in Yangon.

There are no words to describe the size and splendor of the Shwedagon Pagoda. Once you have filled your belly you can head to the Wet Markt in Yangon city centre. Dive into the large crowds of locals and you can see how humans prepare "naan" (bread) in warm ovens, fry fish cakes and sell different types of meat and vegetables as you pass through the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Once you have experienced the bustling activity at the Burma fair, take the Yangon Circular Train to get into the city. Take advantage of the warm and friendly natives and catch the most ecological photographs of Myanmar living. Then stop for dinner in Junction City, on the other side of Bogyoke Mar.

Whereas Yangon's dining rooms have been relatively unfamiliar with foods in the past five years, there has been an upswing in both. In Yangon, one of the best things about grocery dishes is that their standards of sanitation in grocery stores are much higher than those in the streets. Grocery dishes are more closely monitored by the regional grocery office so that the dishes they serve are much clean.

Bogyoke is one of the most visited touristic sites in Yangon. Yangoods is a favourite place for people looking for quality food, offering great food at very affordable rates. Once you've got your best friend and your loved ones souvenir at the Bogyoke Square, you can drive to Saint Mary's Catholichedral, the biggest Yangon Cathoury, on Bo Aung Kyaw Street.

Bogyoke Market will also only charge about 1000-1500 Kyats. Situated in Buddhist Myanmar, this temple definitely boasts a uniquely architectonic style and the city' s central basilica is a quiet place for outings. Their next stop should be the Chauk Htet Kyi Pagoda. When you still have a few minutes, go to the Ngar Htet Gyi Pagoda, which is only a few minutes walk from the Chauk Htet Kyi Pagoda.

It is full of pubs, restaurants, local pubs and picturesque pubs. Indulge in grilled dishes such as grilled chickens, grilled meat or vegetable and rinse them with a glass of sauerkraut. In the early hours of the day, after a walk, invite yourself to a mohinga, a favorite locally prepared breakfasts, before setting off for Thanlyin.

They can hire a cab to get to Thanlyin for just $80 and it usually lasts about two inches. In Thanlyin, make a stop for pits at the Yele Kyauktan Pagoda. You can stop for dinner at a typical Thai restaurant to enjoy a meal and drinks like a loca.

TODDRY PEAL SAVE is a favourite liqueur on the edge of Yangon, and you can try it with some pit, like roasted crisp lettuce, or if you are an adventure-loving diner, you can try roasted rats (or frog). Then you will go to the old Portuguese church.

The Thanlyin, unlike Yangon, which is governed by the English colonies, was governed by the Portugueses and this old ruins of the Church of Portugal is proof that Thanlyin was once a Portugese occupation. Returning to Yangon town centre will take about two hour, and if you still have a few minutes, I would suggest you go to the Yangon Gallery to see some of the city's most beloved works of work.

Have an understanding of the art of the area. Yangon has all the rides needed for a full Myanmar adventure in comparison to other towns in the state. Indeed, with everything to do, see and do in Yangon, it is still largely underestimated, an exotic hidden place of worship, if you like. However, as more and more crowds rave about the Myanmar adventure, we can only hope that Yangon will soon hug the visitor in groups.

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