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Burma's Best Restaurant

Delightful with a delicious crunch to top it off. Tofu wok with vegetables. Myanmar restaurant in Santa Rosa, California.

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It has a good athmosphere, is situated in the center of San Mateo and is a sound (only?) option if you crave local Myanmar cuisine in the area next to San Carlos / Burlingame. Tealeaf. Delicious, much taste and big enough to cut - garlic noodles: Someone else has to try for those of you new to Burma cuisine.

Don't eat too much chilli and too much garlic: One eats a great deal of paddy (see next) - coconut rice: Slightly cute, this is a must for every Myanmar restaurant. Real greasy foods. And on the bright side, they're very liberal with the rough, stiff beans.

Order a vegetarian stir-fry with bean and 80% uncooked bean and 20% old shrunken vegetable (only 2 vegetable peppers and beans). The Best of Burma does the stunt if you feel like eating from Burma and are in San Mateo! For example, if I had to decide between Beats of Burma and Burma Cafe, I would probably go for something better.

Best of Burma had big starters, their Plata and Samousa included, but as I'm a big pasta reviewer, their Nan Gyi Thoke didn't get along well with me because they use thin ricepas. This pasta was muddy together with the slightly dried hen, this would have been much better with stronger one.

But my favourite was her chestnut paddywash. This is the only restaurant in San Mateo city centre in Burma that has become our "go to place"! We' ve got our tack lettuces, which we always need to get the tasty bow lettuces and tealeafs. Tealeaf Lear - Rocket bean, roasted green bean, roasted cloves, roasted green pepper, roasted green pepper, roasted green pepper, roasted green pepper, roasted green pepper, roasted green pepper and dried shrimp.

Regenbogensalat - Has 22 components, but it all works so well together! Lovin' the roasted cloves in this lettuce and the tough pasta. Tangyi Thoke noodles: Myanmar pasta, chicken-coconut-curry-juice, eggs, chopped peas, roasted onions. Artichoke with Currysauce - delicious roasted red pancake with Currysauce.

There was no taste in the meal. There was nothing wrong with the zamosas, the wetbow lettuce was a frustration and there is no way to consider the sherbet as sherbetade. Another lady took out the groceries and beverages. Best thing about this place was the freshwater. The Best of Burma has done well because our meals were tasty and satisfying enough that I didn't even miss eating it!

We' re going with the wetbow lettuce. The barmaid was mixing the lettuce at our desk and although it didn't look so delicious after she confused everything, it was still a delicious one. Though there are 4 different pasta in the lettuce, it was an easy, enjoyable way to begin our dinner.

Maybe next I' ll have the lettuce leaves, because that's a cookie. And the second meal we got was Burma veggie-curry. The roasted beans look good, but have a powerful olive flavour. Knoblauchnudel with chickens is not at all good, pasta too tender and greasy, not too potent on the flavour of the garlic, and the worse is that it has only 3 small chunks of chickens in the whole basin, a complete tear away for the cost of $11th Not authentically in my view.

That is not the "best of Burma". Restaurant was half empty, but it took us five-minute to confirm. And not to speak of the fact that it took another 30 min until the meal arrived at our desk. Mango chickens with jasmin rice: They put in asparagus onion. Couldn't enjoy the flavor of coconuts in there.

There is no services and the meals are quite inconvenient. I' m amazed you could find Myanmar cuisine outside of town. I' ve got the stew and the lettuce. It wasn't the best tealeaf lettuce I've ever had, but it certainly made it!

I came for dinner with a boyfriend who was enjoying the meal here. In the end, I got the chickens that were quite delectable. I just don't think there's much value to what you get. Good meals, favourable rates, comfortable and quick services. and they put us in the back of the line.

Dinner was just fine. Updating- I have altered my assessment as my man and I have got a grocery intoxication from the piggy. So I ordered takeaway dinner and was amazed at how much to do. So I ordered the prawn lettuce and the prawns and prawns and garlic pig meat was a speciality of the morning.

The pros - a court of 5 was good Wild mango chick con terrible facility I asked for a 4 beverage they had none..... considering the mothers days you would think they were fully in stock... no juices no sodas no italian sodas I ordered a dietetic cocaine and I waited 25 minutes to ask again, after all I got my beverage that tastes hot even with the little icecream they put.

Forty minutes ago we got our first application with rice and chickens they gave us the false article first..... then it took another 15 minutes to get us what we order the chickens, and it was just roasted chickens breasts in slices in pandan? One more meal we order, they calculated it for us and we order the toy tahiti with prawns and we asked for the tofi with prawns..... they calculated us for the tofi and for the prawns.....

Whoa, je comprends que c'est un add-on mais ils nous ont facturé 5 $ pour le cu ? Even the businessman tried to tell me that samovu was pricey.... I was like more than prawns? Laughable explanation that in the end we didn't eat much of it either..... Coquoise brownie was overcooked and miserable....

Prevent the headaches overall I had high expectations because it seemed like a funny common with nice décor..... but serving and dining was a big frustration.... To eat here was how I have fallen in love with Burma cuisine, especially lettuce (mouth-saliva). Curried veal, palate, tea lettuce, rainbow rices were super, super, super, super!

If you want to be tasty, this restaurant is for you to choose! Teasalad, Calamari Indian Calamari, Pads Thais consistent great! Absolutely full of Myanmar music! The lettuce and spaghetti are recommended. I' ve never had dinner in a restaurant where this ever happens, it was such a strange one.

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