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Myanmar Railways is one of the best things you can do in Myanmar (Burma)! These are some of the people who have moved to Malaysia. Please mark it as'Best Answer'. The Pope's visit to Myanmar could be the help Aung San Suu Kyi needs. For several years, Smith and his team have been documenting abuse in Myanmar.

About Myanmar

Myanmar, formally the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and formerly known as Burma, is a supreme state in Southeast Asia. Burma borders India and Bangladesh to the east, Thailand and Laos to the south and China to the north and north-east. In Myanmar I spent seven nights exploring new culture and tradition and some of the most important places in the state.

From Yangon, to Inle Lake in Shan State by coach, to the magnificent site of the thousand Bagan temple by coach and back to Yangon by air. Anything you see on the video: MYANMAR, by Firdaus Hashim on Vimeo. Subscribe to our write prompts e-mail to get twice-weekly inspirational mail.

Myanmar's best Buddhist places beyond Bagan

Burma is more loved than ever, but you can still have centuries-old churches to yourself if you know where to look. Escape the masses with our leader to the calmer Buddhist places, from Shittaung Paya and his 80,000 Buddha pictures to the Kyaiktiyo Golden Rock, which defies gravitation.

On the Gokteik viaduct! The Myanmar Railway (Video)

Myanmar Railways is one of the best things you can do in Myanmar (Burma)! Where the hell am I ever getting on a railroad where the chances of derailing and staying overnight (or two) on the railroad until it gets back on the rails are almost guaranteed?"

Good for shit and giggling I appreciate, and of course the possibility to go over the Gokteik viaduct with a gradient of about 300 m! We' ve entered the Pyin oo Lwin locomotive, but it's a locomotive originating in Mandalay, so you can ride from there, but be advised that it will be a rough 8-hour ride (if everything goes to schedule, which it almost never does when it comes to Burma's railway system).

But it is an essential must in Myanmar! The Pyin oo Lwin to Kyaukme (pronounced Chow Mey) is $5 for the Upper Class, $4 for the First Class and $2 for the Ordinary-Class. Before you choose your tickets, please take into account the differences between Upper Class and Ordinary! Please make sure that your tickets are correct.

Cross the Gokteik viaduct on the Myanmar Railways: This is the current version of Lonely Planet: "Relaxing" in the luxury segment..... you can never really unwind in such a jumble! Wood seat for sharing with fruits and vegetables in the usual classes. Now you' ve all come to see the Gokteik viaduct.

Gokteik Bridge was constructed by the Brits and reconstructed after the bombing in World War II in the 1990s, but that was it! There has been no more intensive work on the bridge since then and the luck that the landscape is so stunning that one is distracted by this little fact........... don't be afraid, the trains drive very slow to minimize unevenness on the way!

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