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Not only is Asia Central Link one of the best Asian travel agencies, it is certainly one of the best in the world. Myanmar's best local travel agency thanks you all for the wonderful trip. We want you to have a unique travel experience with the best agency in the country. Myanmar's best travel agencies with addresses, phone numbers, ratings, reviews, photos and more on Myanmar Business Directory. Tourism jobs in Myanmar.

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I' ve traveled a lot in Asia and always make plans for my own travels, book my own accommodation and let a vehicle and drivers drive me around. I had over 20 car/driver packages in almost every South East Asia country (4 in India, 2 in Thailand, 2 in Vietnam, etc.). Due to the high level of request for rooms that exceed their capacities, I have chosen to hire a locally based agent so that I have a lawyer when I find myself in an "overbooked" position (which was indeed never the case).

This was the most costly one I had in China - about $85/day for an old Toyota limousine (a 4-door limousine on the standard of a Corolla) - but you will find out that the Myanmar is the place to go these few day and everything is at least 50% more pricey than anywhere else in South East China.

That' the cost you will have to bring your ass to Myanmar before it is completely wrecked for the tourist! In order to strengthen my "advocacy" relation, I took the MKNT men to my first meal in Yangon. "Tsar Ni made bookings but has never been to the north of the land (Bagan, Monya, Mandalay, Hsi Paw).

Just came to see Yangon for a whole days before I went to Bagan. Tsar Ni and Ah San came to pick me up at the end of my Bagan trip (I had got a souvenir tour leader and a car) and drove me to Monya, through Mandalay to Hsi Paw and back to Mandalay, where I went to Heho (Inle Lake area).

Then I went to Pindaya Caves (Wow!), Kalaw and Inle Lake on my own (I had organized my own car/driver and boat/guide) in the area....then I went to Yangon, where Ah San met me at the Aiport and we went out of the city to Hpa An (WOW!!!!) and Mawlamyne. It seemed to me that Yangon beyond the marvellous Shwedagon Pagoda didn't have much to show for it (in the mornings and after nightfall, but don't go out if the sidewalk is too warm for naked legs in the early hours and afternoons).

Oh San made it his business to show me the way on my last days in Yangon (I had to get on a plane at 6pm). In fact, I have....and if you are looking for a good agent, take a look! congrats on your choice to come to Myanmar. The streets are great (I was very, very amazed and as you can see, I have crossed the whole country), the folks are very kind, and the PRIMO event is PRIMO!

Take the balloons over Bagan.

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