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The World Expeditions can adapt your journey to your length of sojourn and/or interests. Trips to Myanmar? Chatt with a Burmese tour guide who can help you organise your journey.

About Bagan. BaBagan dependable travel agencies

One of the most varied archeological places in Asia, Bagan is also Myanmar's biggest touristic destination with its four million pages. Bagan is situated in the centre of Myanmar, about 690 kilometres northern of Yangon, and was established in 1044 A.D. and was once the magnificent and magnificent capitol of the First Myanmar Empire.

Covering an area of 42 km2, today's Bagan is home to many old cloisters, monasteries, statues, shrines, statues and cloisters. MOUNTAIN FACT: The liveliest city and also the major tourist magnet to Bagan is Nyaung U, with its well-equipped guest houses and various transport connections - by plane and city.

There are teashops, boutiques, restaurants as well as pubs on the street, which can be regarded as the best place for travellers and travel agents. 4 kilometres from Nyaung U, apart from interesting archeological places of ramparts and churches and impressive vistas of the Ayeyarwady (also known as Irrawaddy) River, Old Bagan is littered with artisan craft stores and manufacturers that sell fine lacquerwork and woodcarvings.

New Bagan, on the other side, was founded in the 1990' and the inhabitants of Old Bagan had to move out and establish themselves there. Compared to New Bagan, Old Bagan has fewer restaurants and accommodation, especially cheap. Mount Popa, an inert 1518-metre -high vulcano, is located about 50 kilometres southeast of Pagan.

A journey to Bagan cannot be completed without visits to its unbelievable churches, castles, monasteries as well as palaces representing the Mon's ancient architectural heritage. A shady horse-drawn carriage is the best way to enjoy these qualities of Bagan. They are guided through the most spectacular of Bagan's buddhistic buildings and are also kept away from the heats.

Also, in recent times balloons have often been chosen by visitors to see the picturesque views of old Buddha buildings. Constructed in 1105 under the rule of King Kyanzittha, the pagan kingdom, the Ananda is one of the largest and best-preserved Buddha buildings in Bagan. Well-known as the real stonemuseum, the template is in a cross-shaped ground plan with several patios leading to a small cloister with an adorned decoration namedýhti.

There are four Buddha sculptures in the Ananda Sanctuary, each facing one of the four directions: The Htilominlotempple is another remarkable large sanctuary in Bagan, a two-storey building with a height of 50 metres. Approximately 1.5 kilometres north-east of Bagan, the sanctuary was erected in 1211 by King Nadaungmya, and its name is a misinterpretation of a Pali term meaning "blessing of the three worlds".

Htilominlo's first storey also contains four Buddha sculptures pointing in four different ways. The best part of Bagan Bagan is open most of the year. The best period for a fulfilled vacation in Bagan however, mainly depend on you. The Bagan can be visited during the season, as it is gentle (for Europe's Bagan's Bagans).

Or, you can come to Bagan in winter and see the sights in the hot summer mornings! Most of the year the wheather is nice and perfect for sight-seeing and enjoyment of the various Bagan offers. Most of the year Bagan is open to the public.

The best season for a fulfilled vacation in Bagan is however the winters. In this season the wheather is nice and perfect for sight-seeing and the various acitivities Bagan has to offers. Outdoors you can relax in the cold without drying out or being overheated.

The best period to see Bagan - The best period to see Bagan is from December to February. It is the wettest and coldest period of the year.

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