Best Myanmar Restaurant in Yangon

Yangon's best Myanmar restaurant

It is one of the best Italian restaurants in Yangon. Try our Burmese cuisine, prepared and served by our students in training! The new gourmet restaurant in the People's Park Compound is committed to good food. This is one of Yangon's top destinations. This is Myanmar's best cultural show.

Seed Restaurant & Lounge

The SEEDS Restaurant & Lounge is the idea of Felix Eppisser and his family Lucia, who came about on their gastronomic trip through their lives, a continual quest for inspirations, creativeness, sharing as well as loving. Set in a bright, privately decorated seahouse made of natural wood and glas, with immediate entrance to Inya Lakes Yangon and a luxuriant verdant rainforest, they provide room to relax, enjoy exceptional dining and personal service.

We have a lounge at our house where you can relax and unwind. Situated directly on the western shores of the lakeshore, it has a breathtaking panoramic look at the sundown. They all offer the best of SEEDS: Michelin star chef Felix Eppisser's "Elements" meal. This is a harmonious but mighty old icon of holy geometric origin.

One of the oldest icons in the worid, the seat of existence is used in all important philosophy and is used by the occultist and mystic equally, in old civilizations around the globe in text and engraving, mural painting and painting. "Yangon with love." The Foundation is doubling the amount and taking charge of the work.

Growing and empowering a young, aspiring breed of Myanmar citizens to evolve their abilities and be part of an endless evolution.

Yangon's top 10 best restaurant

Besides that Yangon has even more to offer. One crucible town, different civilizations and different societies means different kinds of cuisines from many different parts of the world. As well as Burma's rich and colourful ethnic cuisines, Yangon serves delicious dishes from China, Japan, Thailand, Korea and the West in a variety of centuries.

We' ve put together a prestigious selection of eateries that offer different cuisines. Buildung Mingalar 101 Yuzana Mingalar City Housing, Tharyar Gone Ward, Add: 174/188) Boot Myat Htun Road, Pazundaung Municipality, Yangon.

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