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Myanmar's best route

Locating other travelers online, whether via Twitter, Instagram or friends, was the best source for relevant information of all. Myanmar is a difficult place to fall in love with, from the e-bike in Bagan to the sunset in the enchanting Shwedagon Pagoda. Route Detail; Price & Inclusion; Photo & Video.

From Inle Lake to the temples of Bagan, see the best of Burma. The best places to slow down your itinerary:

Activities in Myanmar - Our Myanmar Itinerary

Aside from the'Big 4', most travellers are insecure about a true Myanmaroute. So, here is a tour that' s built on our own experiences, from places you shouldn't miss when exploring Myanmar with your backpack and the best things you can do in Myanmar. We have divided it into two parts, the South - which many folks either jump over or don't know when they explore Myanmar with their backpack.

Under no circumstances should you jump over everything you can do in the states of Myanmar. Home of the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda, you'll soon see why Myanmar has been given such a name. To find out what not to be expected when you land in Burma, visit our Ariving In Myanmar - Things To Knowlog.

This is also where the world's biggest lying Budda is located. While Myanmar has more tourist activity, don't miss out on the South. It is great for canoeing and scenery and it is well deserved to take this route when you backpack in Myanmar. It is a 9/10 hours ride west of Yangon to the most popular photograph of Myanmar's tropical coves.

So, if you don't have a backpacker tourism schedule in Myanmar, it's definitely a worthwhile instagram commercial. Bagan, no question you need to add to your Myanmar travel plan. The majority of Myanmar backpackers do not miss this place. Awaking up at dawn was one of our favorite pastimes in Myanmar.

When Kalaw is on your Myanmar route, it will be the departure point when you choose to walk Kalaw - Inle Lake. One of our favorite activities in Myanmar was our trip to Lake Inle. A simple end point on your Myanmar route to either start from Yangon or return to Yangon.

This completes our Myanmar route. All your accommodation in Myanmar can be booked here in advance.

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