Best Myanmar Food

Myanmar Best Food

Burma has enjoyed some really tasty and unforgettable meals. Best Myanmar Food - Review by La Min Thit, Bagan, Myanmar A MUST for anyone interested in genuine and tasty Myanmar cuisine. And the food is delectable. That food was haughty! Who' s to say the food's average in Myanmar?

I' ve been living in Yangon for two years, so I know Burma food. The food was great, the services were good.

Delicious food for the tourist. The best food we've had in Myanmar so far! Exquisite indigenous cuisine, very clean & wholesome, and carefully cooked & presented.

Myanmar's best food - Review of The Shan Restaurant, Nyaungshwe, Myanmar

"ViewPoint Lodge's The Shan Restaurant" is the best locally owned Myanmar based on the Routard Guide and Lonely Planet Travel Guide catalog. The Shan " offers a magnificent panoramic dinner with views of the Channel, the paddy fields and the highest peaks of the Inle area. Food and services are equivalent to the nice and exclusive area.

"Restuarant "The Shan" has a full servicebar with a large choice of the best French, Italian and of course Myanmar cuisine. Yes, Myanmar!

Myanmar Top 5 Dishes, Top Myanmar Food

Myanmar cooking is very varied. Influenced by Thailand, China, India and various regions, Burma's food is really delicious and deserves a taste. One of Myanmar's most popular cuisines is Shan Nooddle, and our top 5 food you should try in Myanmar.

Serve with fresh stock, the stock contains thin, flat pasta with marinaded pig or poultry. A side of vegetables or some spices is with you. "My favourite crème is shrimp and the best place to eat it should be Yangon or the coastal towns," Zaw said. It shows the high effect of India's influences, but the Myanmarians do it their way and it is very custom.

We have many kinds of curry: Pike, pig, beef, prawns or rams. Serve curried food in a local Myanmar style place with raw rices, roasted veggies, a small basin of vegetable and a large serving plate of sauerkraut. Their eating in Myanmar is not complete without Mohinga. It is a seductive meal made from round pasta cooked in a savoury herb stock, often accompanied by the crispy pulp of the fruit of the fruit of the banana family.

Myanmar mohinga it in breakfasts or a treat at any hour of the morning. Tealeaf lettuce can be found almost everywhere in Myanmar. Tealeaves are transfered from the Shan state and fermentated in a very special process. It is sometimes served with tomato and peanut, other restaurants consider this meal as an starter, so it is served seperately with other beans.

Whilst Vietnamese and Thai confectionery are packaged with sugars, Myanmar flavours and aromas come from raw materials such as ground coconuts, coir, dried riceflour, boiled gooey white paddy, tapiocas and fruits. Genuine tasting: Mix with the locals for a pleasant coffee stop where you can dine and enjoy 1 meal.

Leaving the tourist places, you will easily find a luncheon bar where you can discover the flavours of various curry and tropical Myanmar food at a reasonable rate.

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