Best Month to Visit Burma

The best month for a visit to Burma

Burma's best time to travel. Somebody tell me the best months to visit Myanmar? We' re going to Myanmar in November. The best month to visit Burma, Balloon Over Bagan is recommended to enjoy the breathtaking views over the temples of Bagan. Schedule your trip for the best time of the year and the best weather for visiting your destination.

Climate, Myanmar and the best times to visit Myanmar

During the rainy period from May to October, the arid period from October to May. The majority of visitors have a tendency to visit between November and March as it allows them to take full use of the best possible meteorological condition while at the same time preventing the most severe cases of hot and rainy monsoons.

Like in the whole wide globe, you will notice that temperature and meteorological condition can vary from year to year. If you visit Myanmar in the high seasons, you will probably enjoy high temperature, lots of sun and a arid and powdery plain area. In general, however, this is a much more convenient period than other times.

When you decide to visit during the wet seasons, what some folks do, usually to conserve funds, be cautious. Whereas the impact on key areas is generally less severe, deluge-like rainfall can occur in Myanmar's coastline or upland. Southwestern and western areas, the Yangon area included, can suffer horrible rainfall throughout the entire tourist seasons, while Bagan and the main areas can only have shiver.

Some of the touristic sites are not open due to bad meteorological condition. All in all, it's probably not a worthwhile venture, although some folks don't report any issues during the wet seasons. A visit in the hottest March, April and May can also be a challenge for many. There is unrelenting sunshine and if you plan to pass your free day travelling to towns like Yangon and Mandalay, it will be very hard to walk well.

Areas like Bagan can become very arid and dirty, which you may want to take measures against. Visiting Myanmar once in May and the temperature around Mandalay was up to 46oC. While Mandalay was probably the hardest, Yangon and Bagan were hard, but okay. The upside of this trip was low seasons rebates in some inns and fewer visitors than in the winters.

A visit from November to February limits your chance of facing severe conditions, although you can still count on overheating. When we visited Myanmar in January we mainly had the sun shining and not a single bit of precipitation. At Bagan, it can still be a problem for people with airway problems and it is rather cool at nights, so be ready for it, because we didn't expected !

The Yangon and Mandalay are still heated but can still be seen on foot without much trouble and Inle Lake was dry and serene. It can be difficult to plan clothing that is important for the climate and cultural diversity of Burma. It' s a little bit simpler in the wet period, though still a little bit heated, so be sure to bring watertight covers and an Umbrella and Hats.

During the drying period you need to make sure your shoulder and leg are clothed to be considerate while trying to remain as chilly as possible. This is best combined with a T-shirt that will cover your shoulder.

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