Best Location to Stay in Yangon

The best location for a stay in Yangon

All in all a beautiful lodge, in a breathtaking location to which we have no objections. There is no place bubbling with more energy than the old capital, a melting pot of over four million. The location of this hotel is one of the best family hotels in Yangon. Why stay at Scott Hostel in Yangon. The best accommodation for a honeymoon in Yangon.

What area of Yangon is the best place to be - Yangon (Rangoon) Forums

With the exception of Yangon, all towns are easily accessible. I would live around the center, but southwest of the Palast, i.e. between the train and clock tower and a little further northerly there is a group of accommodations like the Garden, Nylon and the Royal GH, further southwards there is Hotel 8, Mandalay City, Unity, Royal Pearl, Link 83 etc..

Chinatown and around 19nd Streets is perhaps the best place for Yangon, but it's loud, for calmer things you can remain a little further northerly or easterly. Remark: September/October is still wet, Yangon is a little more humid than Bagan and Mandalay. But I wouldn't be staying in just one place unless you only have a few a few and a half day, first of all I would look to attend 4-5 places over 2 s.

Yep, wet period so Yangon is not very good, Nov is a better one. A better place to ask is where to go in Bagan, Inle See and Mandalay, they have all different areas and very different prices for hotel accommodation. Mingalay is much longer than Chiang Mai and the journey to Mingun and Inwa needs a cab or a boat anyway.

It is not a town, several small cities, Old Bagan is pricey and is near the major temple, but there is not much else there, most folks remain in Nyaung U, many holes/guesthouses and diners, even some indigenous things like school. There are several hotels and restuarants in New Bagan.

It is about 5h from Mandalay. I' d be in Bagan for at least two nights. At Yangon we remained in Chinatown, where there are some GH'. Sadly, the rides in Yangon aren't really focused on one area, but sometimes we'd take a cab into the area and walk back to see other things along the way.

Mandlay is, of course, both the best town and the best site in the state. It' because it's in the centre of Myanmar. You can also conveniently reach some of Myanmar's most famous tourist destinations from Mandalay (by car, rail or boat).

October is actually the end of the rainy period, but not too much rains everywhere you go and also in Myanmar there are fewer visitors in October. The November is a good months for travelling as the start of the cold seasons, but all the places of the favourite holiday resorts will be full of people.

The room prices will be high from November to February.

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