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Myanmar graduates' 5 hottest jobs in 2018

Most of Myanmar is a young nation, as the 2014 Population Quensus shows. More than 150 fully state-run institutions and a small number of recently opened privately funded institutions provide these young people with the necessary qualifications for them. Myanmar has a relatively higher alphabetization ratio (reading and writing) of 89.5% on mean in comparison to its region.

Economic expansion remains on course as more indigenous businesses become involved in the building, utilities, tourism and gastronomy sectors. In the past year, the World Bank registered more than 80% of official employment in small and medium-sized enterprises, and new large enterprises (with over 100 employees) are now the primary sources of new official work.

We' ve pinpointed 5 of the best careers for Myanmar's alumni chosen on the basis of business climate, demand and forecasts of future employment in people. Burma has an average yearly output of ~6 million bcm of petroleum and 700 billion bcm of methane, mainly from off-shore slugs.

An oil engineer's responsibilities include the analysis of the well trunks, the monitoring of the drawing units and the operation of the well. In general, the highest priced technical disciplines, it is also one of the most challenging and hazardous tasks, often involving the technician working around the clock for two month, followed by a two-week pause before re-run.

Prospective career prospects: Myanmar's FDI in the petroleum and natural gas sectors exceeded that of Myanmar in 2017 with over USD 22.4 billion (~32% of FDI). Recruitment work often has a sharp educational profile in the areas of client services and communications, in combination with other administration issues, and is often celebrated as the perfect job for newcomers.

Tasks of a role in distribution and commercial growth can include answering distribution requests, concluding smaller transactions, tapping new potential and building long-term customer relations. Prospective career prospects: In order to further clarify this, mm, one of the best recruiting sites, listed as the most favourite job in its forecast for 2018.

Prospective career prospects: That means that there will be a high need for construction engineering in the early stages of the Special Economic Zones. Most of the time managed by advertisers, marketers are in charge of analyzing current markets, population and other pertinent information to create effective sales promotion strategy that includes both live and live campaign.

Analytic, creativity, digital, commerce, communications and administration skills may be required, based on the type of company and the employer's workforce. Prospective career prospects: Myanmar has seen the emergence of Facebook Supremacy among its consumer base in recent years, leading to continued expansion in the global market.

Whilst Burma's local people are still highly reliant on live action and advertising, more and more marketers are moving their emphasis from off-line to on-line engagement. In addition,'s 2018 job projection is largely shared between the two. Doing so is authorized to web and application programming of various operating systems (OS), as well as utility software programming, gaming and enterprise database programming.

Prospective career prospects: Myanmar's IT landscape has a lot of scope for growth as individuals move their emphasis from softcover to other parts of the world. Driven by the lively start-up branch, which is mostly inhabited by technology companies, the workplaces in the field of computer science are still in great interest of companies and companies.

Burma has managed the creation of special economic zones (worth billions) in Kyauk Phyu and Thilawa, mainly funded by China and Japan. Also, the above-mentioned recruiting website is encouraging Burma's native talent to "find ways to differentiate themselves", such as creating a professionally crafted resume and covering letters.

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