Best in Myanmar

The best in Myanmar

Spectrum looks forward to the best in Myanmar's first EITI review The campaigners are waiting anxiously for the first Myanmar Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative to be published in January to see if the Myanmar authorities have kept their promises. It will contain information on the level of taxes payable on the country's physical assets. President U Thein Sein spoke to Thein Sein in July 2012 about the revenues from Myanmar's huge reserves of biodiversity and said the government's task was "to ensure that the advantages benefit the great majority of the population, not a small group".

The 2016-2017 household has not been formally approved, he said, and the information should be taken into consideration in the next year' s drafting. It will help the citizen understanding how funds flow into the resource share of the budget," he said. "What we are particularly looking for is more detail and clarification of the kind of problems that have been posed by recent reporting on non-formalism.

Sales from other industries such as coal, petroleum and natural gas flow through various enterprises. Understanding how funds are flowing into the land would be very useful for people," he said. The Spectrum works with the Ministry of Finance to enhance the officials' budgetary presentations capabilities. They have also worked with UNICEF and the federal administration to inform pupils about how the federal administration administers the household and where the nation's incomes come from, resulting in the release of BEG.

Governments should make sure that those who are familiar with democracy are kept abreast of cash flow and tax. Burma has found a way in this regard, he said, referring to the latest Global Witness NGO reports claiming the presence of a USD 31 billion illegal Myanmar jet fuelled by jades.

"We need more information in the EITI review on both trading in Java and gemstones and hydropower," he said.

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