Best Hotels in Yangon Burma

The best hotels in Yangon Burma

BOUTIQUE-HOTEL IN YANGON. A handpicked collection of boutique hotels in Yangon that we like to think is pretty definitive. " The Loft" is a quiet city boutique hotel in the heart of Yangon. In-Sight' s selection of top hotels in Myanmar. Merchant Hotel is a unique art boutique hotel and the only one in Yangon.

Situated between the city centre and Yangon International Airport, just a few steps from picturesque Lakes Inya, the best shops, bars, restaurants and other attractions.

Situated between the city centre and Yangon International Airport, just a few steps from picturesque Lakes Inya, the best shops, bars, restaurants and other attractions. Top-notch, first-class services with a front desk to suit every whim. There is no admittance to smoke inside the house, except in the specially designed smokers' areas on the fifth and fifth floors.

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On the other side of this verdant area are the gold towers of Shwedagon Pagoda, which can be seen from the hotel's rooms. There are a host of tourist amenities in the area, while the resort itself provides a variety of amenities, which include large rooms, free Wi-Fi and a full dining room where you can enjoy breakfasts and meals all the time.

Myanmar's 7 most luxurious retreat hotels

Somewhat off the beaten track, Myanmar still offers a wide range of luxury resorts for the demanding traveller. It' s very different from any other place you know," Rudyard Ki-pling said when he arrived in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, more than a hundred years ago. Lodging here is not as rich as in Thailand or Vietnam, but there is still a comfortable choice of great quality hotel options.

If you want a cultural and insightful adventure, you should remain here. The 1920' residence of the Belmond District Government is a romantically colonial-style villa that officially housed the governors of the crown colony of Burma in Britain. Included in the hotel's extensive meal plan is a refined variation of Burma's traditionally prepared morning meal, namely mullet with seafood noodles.

Situated in the old capitol Rangoon (Yangon). Without a doubt, our favourite is the beautiful facade and the stylish frame of the house. Its only disadvantage is that the average price of $350 per overnight guest room is more expensive. If you want to see Myanmar or if you are a literary buff, please don't leave.

The Strand, one of the most renowned in Yangon, has over 100 years of tradition, sparkling crystal lights that are superbly hanging over a marble floor and a renowned café with cigars. Rooms have the nostalgic atmosphere that welcomes you in the foyer, and the Yangon Cultural Assets Listing.

Situated in the centre of Yangon, near the Yangon River and the business area. Favourite of ours is first-class services. There is no reception, as the guest will be brought directly to their room on arriving at the guesthouse. Its only disadvantage is that the resort does not have a swimmingpool or fitness centre.

Remain here if..... you are looking for a tranquil haven from the city's busy highways. Kolonialhotel has 25 apartments in Myanmar, designated according to the 4 most important ethnical groups in Myanmar: Each of the rooms is suitably furnished and furnished with a style and decorations characteristic of the group' cultural and traditional features. The Spice Garden is our favourite, offering a wide selection of North and South India cuisines.

Its only disadvantage is that the shop is rather small in comparison to larger hotels. Remain here if..... you plan to splash for the ultimative luxurious resort event. Situated between the antique shrines of the Kingdom of Bagan, this local luxurious necklace features spacious rooms overlooking wonderful lotuses right in front of your windows and lofty peaks on the skyline.

From a barbecue by the swimming pools to a discerning drink in this large seaside retreat offering large mansions and an ample cuisine. Located in the archaeological reserve of Bagan, the guesthouse is a good starting point for the exploration of the approximately 2000 Temple in this area. Favourite is the large open-air swimming bath, where you can take in the cold breeze from the lake while strolling around in the warm afternoons.

Their only disadvantage is that, although beautiful and effective, employees have difficulties understanding English. If you want a comfortable basis for discovering Old Bagan's marshes, please remain here. Favourite is the large, shady swimming pools, which offer a welcome rest after a days discovery of the temples in the tropic heats.

Its only disadvantage is the restricted and relatively costly menus of the bars and restaurants. If you want to be close to the natural world without sacrificing convenience and inconvenience. Travel by longtail to this luxurious stilted residence on the shore of the Inle lake. Its wonderful setting is the keys to the resorts prosperity, as visitors have a view of the park from their own room.

Situated on the shore of Inle, Myanmar's second biggest lakes. Take boat trips across the sea and see fisherman at work, swimming market gardens and completely stilted village. Favourite is the outside patio from which you can enjoy the sunset over the lakes and hill.

Its only disadvantage is that Inle needs some trouble and inconvenience to get there, with the closest airfield being Heho International 35 km away. You want to relax on the shore, you' re welcome to spend the night here. Favourite are the outside swimming pool, from where you can enjoy the fishers' everyday fishing or in the lounges with a refined drink and a good gamebook.

Its only disadvantage is that the meal in the lodging is at most mediocre. Myanmar is a country of unanticipated luxuries and old fashion. Myanmar's pagoda charms and the crisp breezes near the shining green waters make it the ideal place to get away from it all and at the same time enjoy a country that is different from your own.

When you are poised to enjoy Myanmar's unparalleled splendour, the Myanmar: Into the Golden Lands Private Tour is the place to go at any time. They can even join a small group of like-minded discoverers on our Myanmar: Into the Golden Lands Small Group Tour.

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