Best Hotels in Rangoon

The best hotels in Rangoon

Exploration hotels near Best Western Green Hill Hotel. Chain hotels like Novotel are one of the top addresses among travellers in Yangon. The Novotel is a popular choice for most tourists visiting Yangon. Best Western Green Hill Hotel, Rangoon at the best rate, pay at the hotel.

Buffet Dinners Hotel

We' ll provide you with a tour of the best dining bouquets that top Yangon restaurants have to choose from. The D'Cuisine Restaurant is situated in the recently refurbished wings of the Sedona Hotel Yangon. He will be the newest member to hop on the car and open its gates in October 2015.

From Monday to Thursday D'Cuisine serves an Asian & Australian food menu for $33 US$ net per group. Whilst the buffets will contain India, China, Burma, Europe, Thailand and the West, drinks will be ruled out. Clients can enjoy Seafood & BBQ buffets for US$36 per night from Friday to Sunday.

I' ve been informed that there will be an extraordinary spreading of meats to shellfish, and there will also be a free stream of wines, beers and refreshments. Half fare for all under-4s. Evening meal is from 6.30 pm to 10 pm. Sedona is offering an introduction with a 15% discount on the overall bill for all guests in October 2015.

The Tapas Bistro in the MiCasa Hotel Apartments is located in a cozy setting and has by far the largest selection of buffets to look forward to every evening of the weeks! It' also the only food bank in the city that calls itself Halal.

On Monday there are Asiatic meal evenings for 23 US$ net per capita, serving Malaysian, Thai and Hindi cuisine. Tuesday Myanmar & Chinese Fusion buffets are available for US$23 net per day. On Wednesday there is a Taste of Europe bar where the cook tries to take a small part of Europe to Yangon for 25 US$ net per each.

Seafood Paradise buffets are on Thursdays, they have everything under water if it can be ate, MiCasa will be happy to provide it for US$28 net per group. On Friday evening there is an interesting steamboat hotspot sideboard where each meal gets its own hotspot with a selection of five different soups: Tom Yam, Hots & Spicy, Herbal Chicken, Chicken Broth or Kimchi Suppe for US$23 net per each.

On Saturdays there is a charcoal barbecue which serves various kinds of barbecued meats and lettuces at a net cost of 24 US$ per one. On Sunday there is the International Delights Bar, which offers everything from West to West and Europe to Asia for 25 US$ net per group. Kids under the ages of five eat for free and kids between the ages of six and twelve eat for half fare.

Evening meal is from 6.30 pm to 10 pm. Emporia on the Chatrium Hotel groundfloor offers an international a la-carte buffet meal at a price of 28 US$ net per night from Monday to Thursday. There is a wide range of starters, lettuces, broths and deserts with the possibility of choosing the principal course from the meal, which includes barbecue, shellfish, meat as well as a free glas of fine wines, beers, or softs.

From Friday to Sunday there is a BBQ in Brazil for 30 US$ net per capita, with an astonishing choice of Brazil meat, mussels, starters, stews, lettuce, seafood, sweets and juice. The Tiger Hill Restaurant is also located on the Chatrium Hotel groundfloor and offers a Chinese a la cart meal every day, but will require a min. of two people for US$26 net per head.

Guests are offered a range of over forty meals, ranging from veal, pig, chicken, vegetable, octopus, fish or shrimp, prepared fresh by the cook on-demand. If necessary, there are even rooms available for the guests. The Kohaku Restaurant, situated in the Chatrium Hotel foyer, offers an a la-carte Japanese a la-carte buffet from Monday to Thursday at a price of 37 US$ net per guest, where guests can select their favourite meal from the meal list.

After the guests have placed their order, all meals are cooked by the cooks. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy the Kohaku Deluxe Banquet for 40 US$ per guest from Friday to Sunday, where experienced cooks show off their skills and pamper guests in the cooking.

In all Chatrium Hotel eateries, under five year-olds eat for free and under six to ten year-olds halfboard. Evening meal is from 18.00 to 22.30. Friday is our sea food night buffet, for US$34++ per capita you can expect a good choice of shellfish with free rivers of Softdrinks, beers, or toast.

From Saturday to Thursday there is an US$30++ per capita dining table with a large selection of West and East European food. Kids under the age of 5 eat for free, kids between the age of 6 and 12 eat for half fare. Evening meal is from 18.00 to 22.30. Brasserie of Parkroyal Spice meals from our internationally renowned Sunday to Thursday evening buffets at $33 net per night withsoftdrinks or $38 net per night with either local wines or beers.

Chefs try to serve "daily specials" to delight guests on a daily basis and inspire new guests. Seafood Buffet Nights are available on Friday and Saturday at 35 US$ net per night, including beverages, where you can taste a large selection of seafood such as shells, shrimp and crab, to name but a few.

Kids under five years eat for free, kids between six and eleven years at half fare. Evening meal is from 18.00 to 22.30. The Cafe Sule in Sule Shangri-la is one of the most famous buffets in Yangon. On Thursdays there is a traditional Japonese meal bar for US$35 net per capita with free access to beers.

One of the highlights of the snack bar is certainly the fresh quality of the raw materials used, especially the delicious hot sashoni! There is an International Dinner for 32 US$ net per capita every second evening, expecting you a breath of India, Europe and Asia-favorites. Kids under the age of 5 eat for free, kids between the age of 6 and 12 eat for half fare.

Like all other Shangri-la hotels around the globe, no less than first rate care awaits you. Evening meal is from 18.00 to 22.00. The Cafe Sule also tries to advertise Myanmar cuisine through its Myanmar Buffet Night every Tuesday in October for 33 US$ net per capita, including the free supply of beers.

The Thiri Café Restuarant in the Kandawgyi Palace Hotel foyer serves a $35 net per capita lunch from Monday to Thursday in a deliciously freshly baked lunch with appetizers, entrées and dessert to be cooked by the cooks.

Starting in October the Seafood BBQ offers more variation for the guests on Friday for 28 US$ net per capita, where guests can enjoy shrimps, sea bass, sea bass and other sea-fish. On Saturday there is a Mediterranean treat for 28 US$ net per capita, the first Mediterranean theme bar in Yangon.

You end the weeks with an Oriental Express Voyage on Sunday for 26 US$ net per capita, where the Asiatic cuisine in the Kandawgyi Palace arouses a tempes.

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