Best Hotels in Bagan

The best hotels in Bagan

We' ve personally visited and selected the best boutique hotels in Bagan, including those in New Bagan, Old Bagan and Nyaung-U. Hotels that guests love in Bagan. There are three main areas of Bagan's accommodation: Explore the best hotels in Bagan, including Ostello Bello Bagan, New Wave Guesthouse and Oasis Hotel. Are you looking for a hotel in Bagan, Myanmar? The Royal Bagan Hotel is the perfect choice.

Wherever you can sleep in Bagan,

Bagan stretches across a wide plateau, bordered on two banks by the Ayeyarwady River and home to tens of thousand memorials, and is an impressive and intriguing place to discover. Whilst some of the memorials are marvelous, the lodging is usually less. Here is our guide to the best places to spend the night in Bagan for both budgets and the discerning traveler with 12Go Asia.

Bagan's lodging is divided into three major areas: The Nyaung U and Wetkyi Inn (which we only call Nyaung U) in the north-east, Old Bagan in the north-west and New Bagan in the south-west. Nyaung U has the majority of reasonably priced accommodations, New Bagan has the mid-range excavations that are more appealing to travel groups and Old Bagan offers the more upscale travellers.

A visit to all the high points of Bagan will entail substantial travel wherever you choose to go to bed. On the other side of the river has more of a genuine city feeling, as well as with broader possibilities for food and drink. During the high seasons Bagan can become very full, so our proposal would be to go to New Bagan in the top month and to New Bagan in the other one.

But if you are of a higher class, go directly to Old Bagan. Which hotels and pensions in particular? Let's begin with Old Bagan. We are not really sure of Old Bagans upscale offers, especially when you look at the overprices. Whilst The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate is probably the most upscale feature of the property, Bagan Thande is by far the best offer when you're having fun.

Bagan Thande's right to glory is that the prospective King Edward VIII remained here as Prince of Wales in 1922. It' not as smooth as newer Old Bagan Estates, but the more genuine feeling is what it resonates for us. But think twice about showing off in Bagan. Keep in mind that you are probably only in Bagan for two or three nights, and much of this period will probably be devoted to temple visits.

Maybe you stay in midfield in Bagan - there are very good choices ranging from $50 to $80 - and start saving your cash for a hot air flight or a later spin at a seaside town in Ngapali or Ngwe Saung. Situated in a good position and, as usual in Bagan, the employees are amiable.

It is not too conspicuous, but it is attractive, kind and inexpensive for Bagan. For New Bagan we chose Kumudara or Ruby True, both in large poolside yards. Theiddhi is another good choice, but only for the low seasons - their prices in the high seasons are ridiculous.

If you are looking at the budgets and flash packer choices in Bagan, it's worth paying a few additional dollars for your visit if you can. So if you have a limited available money, we thought the Wet Kyi Inn's Guesthouse was a win. Home Bagan Beauty in New Bagan provides neat rooms at reasonable prices.

Ostello Bello wins the most prestigious dormitory prize, while Nyaung U's flash packer has the best value for the price in one of the respectable New Wave, New Park and Innwa, all ranging from $25 to $35. Housing rates in Burma are already higher than in most South East Asia states.

Bagan is a touristic city where many high seasons bring even higher fares. However, as there are a large number of hotels and guest houses, the low seasons can be very competitively priced. The low seasons in Bagan are approximately April, May, June, July, September and October.

Even the poor connections can be prebooked during the bustling month, so make sure you book in good season in advanced. Some of our most popular attractions and activites around Bagan.

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