Best Hotel in Mandalay

The best hotel in Mandalay

Accommodation that guests in Mandalay love. " wifi was the best of all hotels in Myanmar, helpful and nice staff, clean and large bathroom" Hotel Sahara. "'The best hotel in Myanmar. The Myat Nan Yone Hotel (MNY) Amara I, Bagan. With a panoramic view of the pagodas and the unmistakable architecture of the Royal Palace and its beautiful moat.

The best places to live in Mandalay, Myanmar

In spite of the romanticism in his name, many people simply walk through Mandalay to see Mahamuni Paya with its old 13 foot high Buddha on their way. However, it is definitely a worthwhile idea to take a look behind the city' s present-day areas and see the odd collections of mausoleums, shrines, chapels, churches as well as the innumerable convents on the banks of the river.

Much of Mandalay's best accommodation is behind grey cement pillars, but don't be shy to look behind them and you will find all kinds of miracles. Its old ditch and ramparts are an evocative tribute to the former Mandalay fort. See the Mandalay Palazzo with its high watchtower and magnificent view.

It is particularly historical because it is the only preserved main building of the former royal palace. Hotel Am Rote Kanal is a 26-room hotel with 26 rooms, just 15 minutes by car from Mandalay Hill and downtown. Take a flight to Mandalay International Airport, 37 km (23 miles) from Mandalay.

There are several national and multinational airports. You can also take a to Mandalay, which is connected to Yangon by a tout. The best season - October to March offers typical dry and hot conditions. Have a look at our Mandalay accommodation lists or broaden the network and see our Yangon or Taunggyi itineraries.

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