Best Hotel in Bagan Myanmar

Cheapest Hotel in Bagan Myanmar

""It was a luxury room and the whole hotel was really nice. The WEStay @ Bagan Lotus Hotel. The Casa Di Bagan Nan Eain Thu Hotel. The Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan. Searching for the best accommodation in Bagan, Myanmar, is not easy.

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Bagan, Myanmar

The Bagan Lodge is a 5 minute car ride from the Lawka Nandar Pagoda and Damayarzaka Pagoda. You will find rooms with a terrace and free Wi-Fi. This is a preferred hotel. The Heritage Bagan Hotel has air-conditioned lodging in Bagan. The 4-star hotel, constructed in 2014, is located 1.8 km from Izza Gawna Pagoda and 3.6 km from Nyaung U Markt.

Accomodation has 24-hour reception and free WiFi. The cruising service Anawrahta River offers 5 days, 4 nights or 4 days, 3 nights cruising to and from Bagan and Mandalay. During the entire trip the yacht charter staff is at your service, while the head cook is preparing newly prepared cuisine.

Accommodation in Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan, the unbelievable old town, is a unique event in Myanmar. Famous for the Bagan Archaeological Zone, you will find yourself among tens of thousand of temples, Stupa's and Pagoda's that stretch for kilometres around you. When there is a place where one can sense insignificance and the full significance of devotions, it is here in Bagan.

For your own convenience, we have compiled a shortlist of the best places to spend the night in Bagan for your hotel or hostel. If a place looks chic, go ahead and find out, as most places in Bagan have dormitories or economics rooms for budgets people. The best places to live in Bagan are as much as I could go on.

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With 50 luxurious rooms around a large landscaped patio, Areindmar is for travelers looking for a verdant haven to explore the marvels of this area. Escape to Bagan, Myanmar, but also to the tropical regions. Come to a place so far removed from the beaten track that it keeps winning accolades for its uniqueness.

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