Best Hostels in Yangon

The best hostels in Yangon

Best hostels in Yangon. Best hostel in Yangon - BaobaBed Hostel. The best hostel in Yangon for single travellers - Little Yangon. Inexpensive hostel in Yangon - Min Galar Par Hostel. The best hostel for couples in Yangon - Chan Myae Guesthouse.

Yangon, Myanmar 10+ BEST Hostels for Backpacker 2018

Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is the most famous city in Myanmar. Yangon is on the whole a great place to go exploring, strolling and walking. Obviously, your hostel will not be the best and most affordable hostels that still provide the comforts you need, and here are the best.

Four Rivers Youth B&B Yangon is a youth hostel with a common room and lovely gardens. It is located 14 kilometres from Yangon International Airport. There are also several places open for walking tours, road cooking and market. The rooms in the youth hotel are equipped with important entertaining facilities.

The rooms at Four Rivers Youth B&B Yangon offer free WiFi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi and a great panoramic cityscape. Four Rivers Youth B&B Yangon also provides a Yangon B&B service including facsimile, copy and print service. The Little Yangon Youth Hostel in Yangon has accommodation available. It is one of the most valuable properties in Yangon!

Free WiFi is available throughout the site with 24-hour reception. Bicycle hire is also available. The Yangon metropolitan area is an ideal choice for visitors with a penchant for outdoor fairs, cuisine and walking tours. The Little Yangon Youth hostel also provides sheets, blankets, sheets, towels and blankets.

Yangon International is the best reachable international aerodrome, which is around 14. 5km from Little Yangon Youth hostel. Yangon Youth Hotel is situated in the centre of Yangon, 14km from Yangon International Youth Exchange. All customer rooms in the Youth Hostel are fitted with a TV.

At any time you can ask at the reception for 24 hour advice and free WiFi throughout the house. It is also one of the best places to visit in Yangon! The Pickled Tea Yangon is one of the cheapest hostels in the city!

The Yangon Youth Hostel offers accommodation for visitors in Yangon. Featuring an instagram-worthy patio and a lovely view of the gardens, you can be sure to get the most out of your investment. It has 24-hour reception and free WLAN connection.

Your closest international destination is Yangon International Airports (11). 3km from the Youth hostel. Every room in the guesthouse has its own night lamp, lights, a wardrobe and a secure cupboard with cushions, sheets and handcloths at no extra charge. BaobaBed Youth Hotel, recently opened in September 2017, offers a restful, enjoyable and convivial experience in Yangon.

We are situated in Chinatown, right on the Yangon River. There is a 24-hour self-service counter with free WiFi. The rooms are air-conditioned and the youth hotel has a 4-bed women's room, four 8-bed dormitories, a two-bed room and even a three-bed room. Yangon International is the closest international airports, 14km from the YI.

The BaobaBed Youth hostel is praised by visitors for its outstanding services, including a complimentary hotel operator. Merchant Art Residence also has one of the best valued places in Yangon! There is a 24-hour master switch and free WiFi throughout the area. Yangon International Airport is just 11km from the Youth Hostel and visitors appreciate the outstanding services of the Merchant Art Residence, which also has a concert counsel.

Located on the edge of Yangon, about 1km from Yangon International Airport. There are 6-bedded rooms and 4-bedded rooms for women. There is also a twin room (1 twin bed) and a small twin room (1 twin bed). Free WiFi is also available at the youth hostel.

SAT Yangon Youth Hotel is located in the centre of the city. It is only 500 metres from the renowned touristic resorts and 14 kilometres from Yangon International Airport. The SAT Yangon provides a common lounges and free WiFi throughout the city. The rooms in the guesthouse have a sitting area and each room has a common toilet.

It is no hassle if you need advice for receptionists, as the SAT Yangon is available 24/7 for you. Situated in the best location in Yangon, the Yangon International Airport is also 14km away.

A 24-hour front area is available for those who need help. H Way Yangon is also one of the top hostels in Yangon! Situated in the centre of Yangon, the Aria Youth hostel is in a privileged area. 24-hour front desk services for those in need of help and free WiFi throughout the area.

All rooms at Aria are fully air-conditioned and have TV. The ten well-rated and economical places in Yangon are sure to offer you extraordinary accommodations and service. So, before you check your trip schedule, make sure you find the best lodging in the city.

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