Best Holiday Destinations in Thailand

The best holiday destinations in Thailand

First-time visitor information on Thailand's most popular holiday destinations. In Krabi Province are some of Thailand's most famous beach destinations, and Railay is the best of the best. It is an ideal destination for families, no matter how old the children are. Park, Ao Nai Wok and Phaeng Waterfall guarantee you the best holiday here! The Khao Lak shows some of Thailand's best beaches.

for the 7 best places in Thailand beyond Phuket.

Nice sands, palace-like hotels, straight flight and many possibilities of nightlife - it is not surprising that Aussies are in passion for Phuket. The number of visitors increases every year, but there are also many other holiday destinations in the Land of Smiles. Indeed, the much-loved holiday island is only the tip of the mountain of ice.

Celebrities - Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Cara Delevingne spent their holidays here. Homestay families, cheap accommodation and some luxurious destinations are available. From Bangkok to Laem Sok or Trat by public transport (4 hours) and a one hrs cruise to the isle.

Or if you feel good, it's only an hours flight by air. If you are a hard-core fan of phukets, you may find it hard to avoid your favorite trip, so Koh Phi Phi Phi, a 45-minute speed boat trip from downtown is a great one. As a longstanding backpackers stop on the backpackers track, the postcards became a must after they were used as shooting locations for the film The Beach.

As one of over 200 Phuket offshore destinations, Khao Lak could be one of the most relaxed holiday destinations in the state.

"The search for Khao Lak has increased by more than 60 percent compared to last year," says Pearson of Expedia. Apart from the resort, there are plenty of opportunities to entertain the visitor, which includes some wonderful natural reserves, and Khao Lak is the starting point for daily excursions and diving safaris to the Similan Islands close by. Here you will be able to dive over pristine corals and take a bath with shark, turtle, guitar as well as mantas.

The Khao Lak is one of the top 10 dive sites in the world. 1½ hours from Phuket, travelers can readily arrange pre arrivals resorts transfer. Krabi differs from other holiday destinations on the mainland by its geographical location. Skyscanners found that Krabi flights are more than 40 percent higher than last year, while Expedia saw an increase of 35 percent of those Austrians taking a holiday time out.

" Krabi is a great option to Phuket," says Robyn Lee, Skyscanner's Sr. ceo. "These breathtaking nature treasures include Khao Sok National Park, James Bond Island off the Krabi coastline and Railay Beach, Thailand's epicenter for climbers. Prices begin at $600 per person per day.

It can be reached from Phuket by a two-hour trip or a brief boating trip or an 80-minute plane from Bangkok. Formerly a secluded refuge for fishers and yachtsmen who protected themselves from storm in the latter 1800' s, the "Coconut Island" has developed from a mariners' backlog into a backpacking harbour and a smooth holiday area. Today it accommodates some of Thailand's best luxurious beaches and draws all kinds of travellers, from backpack tourists to family members living in shelters.

If you are staying in a top class motel, go to Six Senses Samui, where the racks prices begin from about $500-plus per room per day. Other than that, give a try at the adult-only Khwan Beach Resort with camping from $160 per person per city.

Take one of the 20 dayly services from Bangkok directly from Phuket in less than an hours or just over an hours flight. Thailand with its beautiful sandy beach is an important support for holidaymakers, while the northerly town of Chiang Mai draws a different kind of people. "The Chiang Mai is becoming more and more fashionable for Aussies who want a different kind of Thai holiday," says Vicki Fletcher of Escape Travel.

It is the second biggest after Bangkok, but has nothing of the rush of the capitol. Situated on 8 hectares of terraced paddy fields, water lilies and small seas away from the center of the cityscape, it is luxurious and spacious. Over 50 70-minute departures a day from Bangkok. The former fishermen' s hamlet of Hua Hin is the pristine Thai seaside resorts, located between hills and a hops and a leap from Bangkok.

The Skyscanner region recorded an 89 percent growth over the previous year, making it one of the destinations with the highest growth in search queries. Among these are the old summer palace (the longest Teakwood house in the world), lively evening market nights and a stand with the supposedly best glutinous Reis and Mango in the world.

Expedia's avarage price per room is $145 per person per day. About 2 to 2 hours driving hours from Bangkok.

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