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The Rough Guide to Thailand is an alternative to Lonely Planet. A hotspot for travellers in Southeast Asia, six of the best Thai islands you have never heard of Thailand. The Lonely Planet Best of Thailand (travel guide). This is a place you will NOT find in most travel guides. It is best if you search for certain details and providers in your travel guide.

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The best guide to Thailand? Hello, I plan to reach Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai and Koh Samui) at the end of April. In search of a guide to help you plan your trip. Lonely Planet on Amazon - critiques were questionable.....many have not recommended it. Not many other out of Lonely Planet, though.

The best guide to Thailand? Like all travel guides they are just a guide, further research should always be done. The best guide to Thailand? For the paperback I also use LP and copy all the information I could googeln into the Word-files.

The best guide to Thailand? I added the chiang-mai section of the website (it's the aussie website, so you would need the USA). Practical if you don't have a giant ledger with extraneous information for places you don't want to visit. The best guide to Thailand? Use the Lonely Planet and D&K Eyewitness Guide, the LP is very good if you are interested in the cultural of the place you visit, but it is quite dull, because D&K is a more contemporary size with everything in color and flour maps and photographs of all major sights.

The best guide to Thailand? Also, as well as Amazon, troubleshoot out what is available on ebay, we usually buy our leaders new from there and are paying less than anywhere else. The best guide to Thailand? If you are looking for a book depository in the UK, you will find it there: The Book Depository in the UK is also inexpensive and they do free delivery worldwide: The best guide to Thailand?

I think I'll go along with your proposal and buy the DK Guide. I just got my girlfriend the LP Reisebuch and so far she like it. Browse through the Thailand Traveller Forums was more useful than I had expected. Cassnu, I may have to ask you about Koh Samui hints as you emerge as a destinationsite.

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