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" One of the best hostels I've ever stayed in. NOTE: We find that if you go directly to these places, you will get the best price. This is one of the best hostels in Yangon. Aga Guesthouse in Yangon, Myanmar. Selected best hostels in Yangon.

Top 20 Hostels in Yangon - Epic Insider Guide (Summer 2018)

However, as it has only just opened its gates, Yangon tourist industry is fighting to keep pace with the flow of new travellers, so it is best to reserve the Yangon Heritage. That' s why we have compiled this guidebook for the best Yangon YHA. This guidebook will help you see which Yangon Youth Hostel is best suited to your type of trip, so you can make a safe and far enough advance booking to get a good offer!

Let us go to the best hostel in Yangon. Burma is a culture gold mine, and our listing of the best Yangon Youth Homes is here to help you with your time! When you travel to Myanmar, you will probably fly to Yangon. However, Yangon (and Myanmar as a whole) is not as inexpensive as its Asiatic equivalents.

How much is your total cost? With more and more travellers around the globe, the choice of hostels is increasing - that means there is now a youth hostel to suit every budge! No matter if you are a hard-core traveller or a moneymaker who wants to make more cash, you will have many opportunities in Yangon. Is there free facilities at the youth hotel?

Favourite travelling bugger is to find guesthouses that have free crap. BaobaBed is the best Yangon Youth hostel. The best Yangon YHA in 2018, BaobaBed offers free breakfasts and good meals in its café all the time. The BaobaBed is the best Yangon Youth hostel as it has very comfortable rooms with A/C. The rooms are air-conditioned.

Yangon's best youth hotel in 2018. A cozy and enchanting Yangon downtown Yangon Pickled Tea Youth hostel. A top Yangon YHA, Pickled Tea provides free breakfasts and free WiFi throughout the house. The dormitories at Pickled Tea are all air-conditioned, which is a particular benefit for those who are used to colder climate zones!

Yangon's best lone lodger lodging is Little Yangon. A cozy and comfortable lodging, this lodge is always winning the heart of backpacker-solos. You' ll find your roommates in the shared rooms and our newcomers! There are comfortable bedding and drapes on each floor for extra comfort.

If you are travelling alone and looking for a relaxed and welcoming Yangon Backpackers hotel, you will love Little Yangon. The Shwe Yo Vintage Hostal is an excellent place for single travelers to spend the night in Yangon. The Shwe Yo Yangon YHA is a basic but spacious Yangon YHA for single travelers who would rather spend the night in a lower shelter.

Located in the middle of the Yangon Shwe Yo, only 20 minutes walking distance from the Shwedagon Pagoda and only 12 minutes from the Sule Pagoda. In Yangon, Shwe Yo is a great place to stay because it is in such a great position, just 5 minutes from the 19 th road with great dining and bar, the best budget Yangon Youth Hotel is Min Galar Par Youth Hotel, a little like a jawbreaker, right?

The cheapest Yangon Youth hostel in Yangon, Min Galar Par provides free breakfasts and free WiFi. Perfect cleanliness and a highly supportive crew will make you immediately at home at Min Galar Par, regardless of your travelling budgets. Yangon Dengba Youth Centre has everything your heart desires.

The Dengba Group has guesthouses throughout Southeast Asia and has used its expertise to make its Myanmar issue the best in Yangon. Situated in the center of Yangon Dengba, just 100m from Sule Pagoda. It is a welcoming and relaxed place, ideal for low cost travelers.

The Chan Myae Guesthouse is the best guesthouse for couple in Yangon as it offers a wide selection of rooms at reasonable rates. A long-running Yangon YHA, Chan Myae even offers a free holiday on your birthdays! Our employees are always ready to exchange their expertise with our customers so that they can make the most of their Yangon years.

When you travel to Yangon with your boyfriend and are looking for a cheaper and happier place to stay, Chan Myae is a good first address. Youth hostel 21 is a pod-style backpackers' lodge in Yangon, great for those who just need a place to sleep. When you and your boyfriend need a place to relax at nights, but know that you will be spending most of your free time, the 21 Youth Hostel is for you.

They are comfortable and comfortable and certainly well-budgeted. Yangon 21 is a very recommendable Yangon Youth Hostel as it offers free breakfasts, free WiFi and its own check-in desks where you and bears can organize excursions all over Myanmar. The best Yangon Hostel9 is Hostel9, they even have a new roof-garden!

When you go to Yangon to enjoy the local cultural life, a glass of wine or two hostels9 is just the thing for you. What is probably the best Yangon Youth Hotel has free refill (saves you $$$!), free breakfasts, free insect repellent and a free Friday evening outing. Situated in the centre of Yangon, this is a welcoming and welcoming shelter.

The hostel9 is an ideal place for single travelers, groups of acquaintances or pairs. It' a place to celebrate for everyone! Scott @31st Street is the best Yangon nomadic guesthouse for digitally nomadic people, as they have a café that serves as co-working area. Scott @31st Street is by no means a nightclub, which means that nomadic digitals get the rest they need to tackle the work.

They are very supportive, although they don't speak English fluently, they would move heaven and earth on behalf of their visitors, so be with them! This is a great Yangon city centre nomadic shelter. Yangon's Little Monkey is a lovely Yangon YHA, perfect for travelers working on the go.

Chillout, reassuring and extremely welcoming, Little Monkey has everything you could wish for in a Yangon backpackers-hotel. The use of berths in the dormitories gives Little Monkey visitors as much intimacy as possible without losing the place's convivial atmosphere. The Shwedagon and Sule Pagodas are just a few minutes away from Little Monkey Hostels.

One time in Yangon is a true home for travelers in Myanmar. They are a very recommendable Yangon Youth hostel and for good reasons. Throughout Yangon, the whole Once is flawlessly tidy and the employees are extremely supportive. WiFi and many recreation rooms are available throughout the entire youth hostel, where you can stay, read up on the itinerary and meet other people.

Yangon has an genuine backpackers-hotel, where you immediately enjoy walking through the doorframe. The NZH is a little known Yangon Backpacker's Youth Hostel in Latha/Chinatown. The NZH staff will be happy to accommodate your large bags for you if you are travelling away from Yangon, so that you can enjoy an easier journey for a few extra workdays.

Wayfarer's Rest is a great Yangon YHA for price-conscious travelers. In the Chinatown area of Yangon Wayfarer's Resort is the place to spend the night if you want to enjoy genuine Myanmar warmth. It is a rather peaceful place, perfect for those who like a small lodging or for those who want to speed up the city.

Backpacker Youth hostels is a reasonably priced youth Hostel in Yangon. If you have great value dormitory quilts in Yangon all year round, you should get a backpacker as soon as possible. Backpacker has dormitories for up to 18 people per day, a true sense of community and undoubtedly a new team to let off steam and discover.

The Backpacker Bed and Brekfast is a top Yangon YHA and a real home. Free breakfasts every day are the ideal way to refuel before heading to Yangon to discover it. The Four Rivers is a simple but fine Yangon YHA. Just five mins from Chinatown, Four Rivers YHA keeps you in the centre of Yangon.

Four Rivers Hostelling provides everything your heart desires when it comes to good backpacker accommodation in Yangon. The Yangon Hub is the best Yangon lodging near the Aiport. The Yangon Hub is a basic but enchanting Yangon YHA and the travelers are overjoyed. In this sense, Yangon Hub provides a free long check-out for all those who want to spend a little longer on their checkout out.

It' ideal if you are taking an evening trip and have made the most of your Yangon time. Aga Guest House is a top Yangon YHA and has been around for years. The best Yangon YHA won the award in 2015 and as Myanmar's tourist industry is booming, they have kept pace.

Consistent cheap lodging in Yangon for backpacker Agga Guest House take good care of their holiday. Chinatown Agga Guest House has a number of great dining options. This is a top Yangon YHA for price-conscious travelers. Roly Youth hostels offer free breakfasts, free WiFi and free sheets, and excellent value for your investment.

For an inexpensive Yangon Youth Hostel near Mingalardon, make sure you visit the Roly Host. Roly Youth is an ideal place for all types of travelers, with both rooms and a dorm. Myanmar Yangon is a truly unique hostelling destination, and with this great selection of the best Yangon Youth Hostels, you'll know exactly which Yangon Youth hostels to choose.

Do you want to reserve the best Digital Nomad Hostels or the best Parties Hostels? Dude, just go with our best Yangon 2018 Yangon YHA - BaobaBed YHA.

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