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Myanmar - Best Domestic Airline

Which type of domestic airline aircraft in Myanmar (Burma)? One of Myanmar's domestic airlines, Air KBZ, or Air Kanbawza, is based in Yangon. If you are planning to travel to Myanmar, here is a brief overview of the domestic airlines in Myanmar. Domestic Myanmar airlines have a reputation for cancelling flights without prior notice and suffering regular delays. It is the busiest airport with nine domestic airlines fighting for market share.

Domestic Flight Updates. Burma Airlines

Some local Myanmar carriers, however, used them until early 2015. Therefore, we advised our travellers to keep their airline passes well. Below is a picture of a HIT Myanmar employee inspecting some of her printed ticketsĀ at the end of 2014. All in all, the airline companies are making very good progress in Myanmar.

It has not been too long since Air Bagan and Air KBZ introduced the e-ticket system. Most Myanmar carriers now use an e-ticketing system that is undoubtedly more comfortable. Currently, eTickets are widely used in Myanmar, but most carriers do not yet provide safe on-line reservation with a safe paygate.

It is much more efficient to deal with this problem and reorder another trip and change all your service accordingly. You have several possibilities to make a reservation on site. You research the possibilities and make reservations on your name as a small fee - another good option that can help you make a good reservation in good time.

  • The name is a big name for tickets and hotels. It is also possible to make a booking from your home town. Yangon - Mandalay and Mandalay routes only. Planning and buying - You can view the timetables on-line and confirm them by telephone with the airline company offices. You' ll have to go to the station or have it sent to you to pay for and buy the tickets.

Once you know your itinerary, you can buy your ticket at the Myanmar airports when you get to Myanmar. Do not forget to switch from an overseas to a domestic to buy. The majority of domestic tourism starts at about the same one.

Even if the airline of your choice is out of stock, you can buy the tickets at the same times, at the same destinations or on the same route as otherlines. In the event that a trip has to be cancelled for unforeseen reason, the airline often works with others to postpone your reservation to the earliest timetable.

You still need to change the BACK language to US dollars to buy the tickets. A thing you need to consider when making your reservation is how many laovers in each itinerary, because this can give you a significant amount of travel timing.

The majority of airline companies fly as commuting aircraft and revolve around the main tourist attractions Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake. They are however fixed to your breast with the help of stitchers to check which leg you are on. Burmese domestic airline companies are small with a few aircraft (2 - 3 we have to say), so most flights are only available once a days or less.

Coming from Yangon, you usually depart in the mornings and return in the afternoons. Cancellations are no longer frequent. In heavily frequented locations, travellers are easily regrouped from one aircraft to another, so that for example only one aircraft is used by the airlines Bagan, Asian Wings and Andalusia.

Likewise, if there are not enough passengers on a Yangon - Mandalay trip, they will be combining it with a Yangon - Bagan trip, so you will find that you also stop in Bagan.

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