Best Currency for Burma

The best currency for Burma

After all, UNESCO will only let us look at the best temples of Bagan from afar. Where is the best place to exchange your money? Nonetheless, do your research and shop around for the best deal available. I' ll stay at MasterCard ATMs and carry some USD currency with me. In case we have forgotten something, please send us an e-mail and we will do our best to include it soon.

What kind of travel to Myanmar?

Many travellers are wondering how much it will take to get to Myanmar after the recent opening of the island to more people. Although some of the cost is higher than in Thailand, Myanmar is still a very accessible tourist resort. The calculation of the cost of travelling to Myanmar really does depend on you and your travelling habits.

You can explore Myanmar on a backpacker's budgets, but on the other side you will find many luxurious resorts and wasteful ways to earn extra cash. Myanmar is often priced in US dollar, although it is certain that Kyoto - the currency of Myanmar - will work. You should always use the currency you like best.

Keep in mind that your Kiev will be useless outside Myanmar, but US dollar will work well in many other states. View the specifics of currency management in Myanmar. Cheap Bangkok-Yangon connections are simple to find. Myanmar overland transport is a business and only a small part of your overall budgets.

Yangon taxis are not measured, but they are unexpectedly inexpensive for the amount of travel times. Whereas in Asia it is common to deal harshly with the riders before boarding, in Yangon you can have a little relaxation. Coaches:: Myanmar's long range and over night bus services are very convenient.

From Hsipaw in northern Myanmar back to Yangon, a touristic coach over night - with snacks, running waters and films inclusive - will cost about 20 US dollars. There are very low -cost busses (about 25 Cent per trip), but without help it can be hard to find itineraries. Travelling by rail is the right way to go in Myanmar.

Minor differences in train fares between the different categories are often valuable for extra comforts. People travelling on budgets claiming that Myanmar is much more pricey than neighbouring Thailand or Laos often refer to housing rates. State-approved pensions and budgeted hotel rates are higher than in other parts of Southeast Asia.

Full services in Mandalay with lift attendant and the work can be up to US $30 per overnight. Backpacker travelers to Myanmar will find that the costs of dormitory bedding in hotels are certainly higher than in other Southeast Asian lands - up to $16 per person per city.

When travelling as a couple, the costs for two dormitory cots are often the same as for a single room. Yangon's mid-range hotels start at around $40 per overnight stay; rates rise according to conditions. Eating in Myanmar can be inexpensive, although the portions are certainly smaller.

The price in the Ristorante varies, but a cup of pasta or freshly baked bread is seldom more than US $2 in a simple Beverages. There are many places where you can enjoy a meal with your friends and relatives, i.e. you can order several dishes to be shared at the same time. Like always, trying to eat in touristy orientated hotels and in your hotels will be more expensive.

Even in Myanmar restaurant, it' s unbelievably inexpensive. Now you can have a large bottle or two of your own locally brewed beers for $1 US; you' d be expecting to be able to pay twice that at the neater inns. Though you won't see any of the omnipresent 7-Eleven-Minimarts all over Asia, you can buy bottled locally produced rums or other alcohols for about US $3 in the supermarket.

In addition to lodging, entry tickets to beloved places in Myanmar are one of the biggest hit items on your bill. For the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon you can look forward to $8, $10 to the Inle Lake area and $20 to Bagan. Fewer places like the Drug Elimination Museum in Yangon (entrance fee: US $3) and the National Museum (entrance fee: US $4) are relatively cheap.

To put it briefly, how much you need to pay to travel Myanmar depends on you. As you move and see more places, you will end up spending more on traveling in Myanmar. Budgets travellers can get by for less!

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