Best City to Visit in Myanmar

The best city in Myanmar

These include ancient cities, sacred Buddhist sites and natural landscapes. Burma is a country that I urge everyone to put on their bucket lists. Ngapali is visited by most people from November to March, the rest of the year it is a sleepy little beach town. Balloon in the city of Bagan, Myanmar. Thai, Chinese and Indian influences make Myanmar's cuisine one of the best in Asia.

Myanmar: Some of the best sights in Myanmar

It is the biggest city in Myanmar and was formerly known as Rangoon. There you can visit the 2,500-year-old Shwedagon Pagoda. In addition to Shwedagon, Yangon has a number of mouth-watering places to enjoy tasty Myanmar cuisine. Select a Myanmar Deluxe Tour Pack to enjoy these exclusive and deluxe properties.

If you are planing a family vacation in Myanmar, include this location in your travel itinerary. - Lake Inle: Boating on Lake Inle is one of the most enjoyable and enjoyable activities in Myanmar. The Inle Lake is known for its renowned fisherman.

For more information about Inle, you can choose a cruise on this beautiful area. It is a top Myanmar adventures travel and a must visit if you are looking for adventures. - Mandalay: Mandalay is a powdery trade centre, but there is much more to discover here.

The city is full of culture and photography and you can see the scenic U Bein Bridge, which is the biggest trekking bridge in the whole wood. It is also possible to visit the renovated Royal Palace of Mandalay, damaged by Allied bombardment in 1945. There' s much more to discover in Myanmar, grab your suitcases and visit this astonishing land to see some of the best travel sites in the run.

Tailor-made travel to Myanmar will include all major travel destination and you will come back with all your hearts and many memorable experiences.

Famous Towns - Myanmar travel guide

Mandalay is perhaps the most impressive of all destinations in Myanmar, yet it is a city whose charm is waiting to be discovered. Of all Myanmar's towns, Bagan is the perfect tourist resort, regardless of the season. One of the largest archeological places in the word, Bagan is a monument that can compete with Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat, but - at least for the moment - without the sights.

You will be sorry if you do not visit Lake Inle when you enter Myanmar. Lake Inle is regarded as the priceless gem of Myanmar with its magnificent scenery and the special cultures of the Intharpeoples. You are sure to have many interesting sights.

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