Best Burmese Restaurant in San Francisco

Burmese's best restaurant in San Francisco

This dining-home often stands at the corner of Third and Harrison Streets in San Francisco at noon. B.K. Style Burmese tea leaf salad. Best Asian-American Comfort Food".

That was my favorite place when I lived in the inner district of Richmond years ago. Locate the best local Burmese restaurants you serve.

Oaklands Top 4 Burmese Restaurant

Fancy garlic pasta, consoling sherbet or homemade dill? The Burmese places have a special dinner prepared just for you. Burma Superstar is at the top of the ranking. in Temescal, Burma's most beloved restaurant, with four out of 2,030 ratings on Yelp.

Myanmar Superstar does not accept bookings, and waiting times are often long. Further up is the Teni East Kitchen on Piedmont Avenue, located on 4015 Broadway (between 40 and 41 streets), run by Teni Shibabaw, a Burmese superstar vet. Burmese Indians, with 4.5* out of 212 ratings on Yelp, have proved to be a favourite for courts such as cuminbelly, curried and roasted celery.

The Jack London Square's Grocery Café at 90 Franklin Street is another top selection: the coffee, tearoom and Burmese commercial are awarded 4.5 star out of 210 ratings by Yorkers. The top 4 is rounded off by Burma Bear, a Burmese place offering BBQ, quick-catering and more. Featuring four asterisks from 100 yelp feedbacks, clients enjoy his roasted brown rice, hazelnut paddy and spaghetti.

Burmese cuisine in SF

As you can see, my man was borne in Burma, but where we are living in the hinterland of New York, there is no Burmese restaurant. His nearest restaurant in Asia would be Thai, which is not quite the same as Burmese cuisine, which has quite a little Hindi clout. In fact, they have put slices of coriander and lemons on our tables so that we can flavour them.

This is the most authentically reminiscent of his childhood in Burma. During the four nights my husbands stayed here, we had two meals and even had dinner on our last holiday evening before going home. We' re already miss the Mandalay Restaurant.

The Burmese cuisine dominates the menus, but Mandalay also offers other delicacies. We had three of us ordered an appetiser ("Burmese salad") and three main courses (better two main courses) with one each. We ordered meals that were exquisite and crisp and a delight for those of us who do not normally have Burmese cuisine.

Love this restaurant. However, I did not know what to expects from the meal, as I had never tried Burmese cooking. They are an integrated part of the game because they even serve your meals on the menu and provide a complete listing of them. If you like tasty meals (a little spicy), go there and savour a not arrogant but ecclectic area.

We' ve never had Burmese meals, so we didn't know what to look forward to. Have you ever been to Mandalay?

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