Best Burmese Restaurant Bay area

Burmese best restaurant in the bay area

What's your favorite restaurant in San Francisco? Myanmar Food in the SF Bay Area - Regional Dining Discussions / SF Bay Area, California In spite of the name, the two Burmese bears are perhaps the least Burmese places on my census. Myanmar superstar will soon open a new office in San Francisco city center. I' ve posted 10 places where you can try Burmese cuisine in San Francisco. Burmese bear has 3 Burmese meals:

like a Burmese dinner car. No wow wermese is eating here, just some merger and Q. Thanks for the lis. Is there any restaurant that make the equivalents of the deceased, defendant Nan Yang's Eight Treasure Bean Curd? Of course, I've never seen it anywhere (or maybe I never thought of looking in a restaurant in China).

Burma has reached the number of Burmese resto's in Bay Area 50 with the opening of Golden Burma (15 Boardman Place) "next week" according to the website (although the position is vacant). A re-incarnation of Yellow Pa Taut, a former restaurant in the same place that belongs to the Eng familie that runs the Lil Burma Road School.

In Pacifica, a Burmese restaurant with a special Burmese meal, I found that I had overlooked the Ledu Restaurant, so the overall number is now 51. Yelpers, who also confirms that it is run by the Eng familiy, said Golden Burma is now open. The Tennessee Grill on Taraval has a Burmese tea leaf salad on the meal list.

I have often been surprised because it belongs to a Burmese lady who even advertises in the Burmese paper (which can be found in Little Yangon). And if they have a Wels chopper, I'll put it on the census. A Burmese tea leaf salad in a place like the Tennessee Grill, that's a "San Francisco only" thing.

Where else can you get a tea leaf salad with your Chicken Fried with? I' m not going to mention any of those who own a restaurant, b/c I can't really accuse the restaurant of being stupid down there if that's what their clients want, but oh the scare. So we tried a Burmese place in San Francisco & were appalled (I had many variants of it, but it was the first time).

OK, they have to make their rental, I thought - maybe that's what the clients want (we also had the same issue with Thai cuisine in two places), generating blah Blah blah Blah. This restaurant had the most delicious show of roasted shan-tafu I have ever seen - but not a deadly acid ic dip but just a band of gooey, sugary glops that tastes something like the sweet-sour Old Souce.

The first time, however, the laphett had no Chilean or even freshly roasted or uncooked cloves. Second place again had a nice display of a nice mix ofaphet, but it only had a few splinters of roasted Garlic & a poor piece of jalapeeno from which the seed had been gently sown.

The tasteless Burmese? Noting that the Bay Area itself has become wealthier & blunter (my California mom, my mum and dad used to meet in Berkeley, & I've been out there since I was a kid - the changes in recent years have been amazing), just like Manhattan - is that the probl├Ęg?

It' s difficult to say - folks who post on forums like this one complain about Burma Superstar having been cleaning up tableware for eternities, and about what I collected in the Rangoon Ruby state. No, I don't think I was drunk without roasted onions. There are a small proportion of restaurant owners who have Shan Toofu on their menu, and often they are not there that time.

thanaphu burmese street furniture is open at DT Berkeley. Burmese cooking has to be commented on on more expert Burmese kitchen billboards to see if there is enough eating on the streets to differentiate it from other Burmese cuisines. Burmese My Bay Area Restaurant Schedule 9 is at 48 with the closing of two of William Lue's companies, Tender Loving Cafe and The Grocery Loving Cafe ( (possibly temporarily for the latter).

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