Best Burmese Food Sf

Burmese Best Cuisine Sf

The BURMESE nights have never tasted so good. andalay is the best Burmese food in San Francisco. The finest Burmese home cooking. Head chef Ma comes from Burma and makes some of Burma's best dishes. Suddostasiatic cuisine (Burmese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.

) is very good in SF.

Best Burmese food in San Francisco

Burmese cuisine has found its place in the varied cuisine of San Francisco, from savoury tealeaf lettuces with their delicious mix of fresh crunches to delicious curry dishes based on flavoured sauces. So whether you're in the seemingly never-ending line for Burma or would rather take along from a neighbourhood favourite like Pagan, Burmese food is an excellent way to fight these famous misty times with its flavor.

These are the best Burmese places in San Francisco that successfully satisfy our common desire for Burmese food. Burmese superstar You can taste the exquisite flavours a stone away from this beloved Clement Street place. It' s difficult to make a mistake with one of the entrées, but a few favourites are the vegetarian samosa soup, Nan Gyi Dok (flat pasta in curried coconut) and Basil Chili Pork Belly.

Whatever you don't want to miss, order a side of roasted cod liver and roasted onion - your palate will thank you. In a slim, low-light home in the Mission, this stylish Burmese Love is one of Burma's newer dining venues.

Inhabitants are the same people who run Burma, but have designed a more authentic Burmese food that includes food not always found in other Burmese West Cuisines. Nan Pia Dok, a pasta meal that is a favourite Burmese morning meal, should not be overlooked. Pagan This Thai-Burmese food court is located in the Outer Richmond and is another great option to Burma.

The Burmese Roti Palata with mashed potatoes and Shwe Taung Kauswer (coconut chickens and curries ) are some of the highpoints. Best part comes in the end when you don't get a stickers shocking off your bill, unlike some of Burma's most beloved dining establishments. Myanmar CuisineThis secret jewel is the perfect choice for those who don't want to defy the crowd in Burma but don't want to miss out on the taste.

A more personal dining and a lower cost than the more crowded Burmese eateries, this is a great choice. Excellent meals are the tamarind sauce and garlic and herbs.

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