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Burmese cuisine

"'Of all fruits, mango is the best; of all flesh, pork is the best; and of all leaves, Lahpet is the best. Picture by Laphet Thoke Best Burmese Food. The best way to taste traditional Burmese cuisine is through Southeast Asia.

It' hard to tell which dish is the superstar in the best Burmese restaurant in East Bay. This is the best street food in a city inspired by culinary delights from all over Asia.

Burmese food: All you can have in Myanmar

Burmese cuisine is becoming increasingly popular as Myanmar's tourist industry continues to grow. Whilst the food is not as well-known as its Thai and Vietnamese neighbours, I am a fan of tasty food and knew that Myanmar is the ideal place for a gastronomic trip. Many travellers I meet are not very interested in eating in Myanmar and if you don't know what to order, I can see why.

The Burmese food was something that really took me by surprise, from tasty curry to the many astonishing sauces. Of all the Burmese food I've tried, this is my favourite. In Chiang Mai there are some Burmese holes in the restaurant walls, which I only visit a few times for that.

It is a tasty, spicy blend of tealeaves, chopped kale, tomato cubes, crisp fry green coffee-bean, nut and pepper, blended with some groundnut seed and chilli and limet. It' an absolute must. It is eaten by some as lettuce, while others are eaten with it. One way or the other, it's tasty.

It is a variation of roasted red and white roasted rices and is a mixture of different kinds of herb and spice. It is boiled with curcuma and green beef. It is often accompanied by crunchy and flavoured dishes with crunchy notes of clove, leeks and sausage. Though it doesn't seem so appetising when described, it's actually delectable.

Monhinga is Myanmar's main course, a savoury pasta stew with crunchy roasted French fries and is the main breakfasts for many people. You' ll see a dozen street stands and sellers everywhere who sell this exquisite delicacy. In contrast to tradional curried brandy, I found most Burmese spices on the bright side.

But they were still tasty. Once you order your shredded or curried with any kind of meats (chicken and seafood are very popular), a range of side orders will be made. Fast snack are available practically everywhere in Myanmar. While walking through the street, you will find many small stands or teashops offering baked Samosas, freshly baked sandwiches, baked bean cakes.

The main ingredient of this pasta is a pasta salad with chickens, seafood pie and beans. A speciality of the Shan from the east of Myanmar. Whilst there are various varieties of this meal, it is typical to cook pasta in an earthenware saucepan with pig meat, plenty of broth and grist.

Like the Indian Biryani's, this meal is prepared delicious in curcuma, safran, with a hint of coiril. Apart from my favourite tealeaf lettuce, they also offer a host of other honest lettuce from this one! Some of my favourites are the pennyword lettuce (Myin Kwa Yuet Thote), tofu lettu ce (Tofu Thohk), tomato lettuce (Karyanchintheet Thote) and a citron paste lettuce, the name of which I can't recall.

This salad is a great starter and a tasty companion to every food I have ordered. You will receive a platter of paddy and a selection of paddy, vegetable, soup, butter, hot peppers, butter, chutney as well as chilli curries. It' a really easy one. Only the good old noodlesauce. Mainly thin pasta, accompanied by a peppered broth with poultry or pig meat and marinated vegetable.

In comparison to other pasta meals this is rather tasteless, but still delectable. These articles give great hints where you can try tasty Shan Style pasta in Yangon. Because of its position, many Indian and even Mandarin influences can be found in Burmese cuisine. Meals like roasted smoked spaghetti, chapatti and haloup are very popular.

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