Best Budget Hotel in Yangon

Yangon's best budget hotel

In spite of everything you can read elsewhere, Yangon has a decent - and growing - range of accommodation options for the more price-conscious traveller. This is a list of the budget places we stayed overnight and how much it cost us. The best places to stay in Yangon. We always travel on a budget and it is important to us to find a good business. cheap Yangon hostels & cheap hotels.

Searching for Hotels in Yangon - We have the best rate for every budge!

Searching for Yangon Properties - We have the best value for any budge! Feature position situated in Yangon, Asia Smile-hotel will be inside a 15 minute drive of the Thuwanna YTC stadium and Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda. old and not cute but that i think the town is as not to fault motel. great position and cute folk. while i dont commend them, i think its the same in most of the hotels in the area.

Myanmar Sports is situated in Yangon, only 15 minutes by car from Thuwanna YTC Stadium and Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda. and the tranquillity around the motel. I would like to bring my spouse with me on my next trip to Yangon and enjoy living in this nice city.

Booking your Eden Palace Hotel Yangon holiday and begin to plan your Yangon holiday now and don't forget to visit the Sushi Myanmar Restaurant with free WiFi throughout the area. You wonder where you can make your Yangon booking? Understanding your need for comforts, we have the best Yangon properties for you, backed by professional service and counsel.

Upstairs are the most frequented Yangon establishments. Choose from the top 236 hotels in Yangon. The above property for Yangon will be upgraded on Monday, July 9, 2018 - 11.55 pm. The Yangon Accommodation Prices start at a minimum of Rs. for Budget Accommodation. Checking the prices now! F: What is the current Yangon weather on July 9, 2018?

Yangon is °C, and that will go to °C at the most today. F: How many Yangon Guesthouses and where can I make a booking? A1: There are 5 five stars, 20 four stars, 122 three stars, 0 resort & 167 budget Yangon hostels.

MMT has 27 luxury hotel bookings under 1000 and 61 luxury hotel bookings under 2000 and 25 luxury hotel bookings. The top area in Yangon is City Centre & are attracting &, To be visited you can there. Downtown have 153 and have to reserve a hotel.

F: What are the most popular hotels?

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