Best Budget Hotel in Yangon

Yangon's best budget hotel

In spite of everything you can read elsewhere, Yangon has a decent - and growing - range of accommodation options for the more price-conscious traveller. This is a list of the budget places we stayed overnight and how much it cost us. The best places to stay in Yangon. We always travel on a budget and it is important to us to find a good business. cheap Yangon hostels & cheap hotels.

10 Best Budget Hotels in Myanmar (with prices)

Your found cost is 18% lower than the US$ 33/night standard room charge. To make sure you get the best possible offer, we analyse prices over 60 days and match your choice to the median of similar sojourns. Your found cost is 14% lower than the US$ 36/night standard room charge.

To make sure you get the best possible offer, we analyse your price over 60 days and match your choice to the median of similar sojourns. These are provided by our affiliates and are based on our standard overnight accommodation pricing, which includes tax and charges known to our affiliates and due at the date of reservation.

Any other tax and accommodation charges that are not set or due at the moment of reservation may be due at the moment of your visit to the real estate. For further information please contact our partner.

In Yangon 5 activities and the best hotels with budgets.

There' s a great deal to do in Yangon, Myanmar, where more and more visitors visit the yearly. For my part, I'm usually not a urbanite, but there's something about Yangon that is quite special with its real humans and the crowded highways. I definitely have fallen a little in sweetness.

A lot of travelers cross Yangon only for one or two nights and don't pay him the kind of attentiveness he is worth. It was our first trip, but we had to go back, and then we really did explore the rides Yangon has to show. If, like us, you want to go to Myanmar but you are avoiding the most important places of interest and are aware of how much you spend, then look no further.

This is our listing of activities in Yangon and our recommendation for Yangon! The Downtown Yangon is a mixture of civilizations where Burma's colonies meet contemporary Myanmar. One of my favorite pastimes in Yangon was just to walk around the town, admire the old building and observe the everyday world.

When you want to take a look at the lives of the local people and see the outskirts of Yangon, you can take a 3 hour round trip from 20p onwards to move around Yangon. This wobbly move is chugging at a snail's pace, which means that the 3 hour can get boring, but you can get out at any time.

But we remained the whole 3 hour when we encountered a native woman who was an Englishman and we chatted the whole trip. The ride on the roundtrip is definitely a good way to talk to a native, and we were fortunate enough to find our new boyfriend another time in Yangon.

Situated in the heart of Yangon is a vast, old outdoor fair that was initially created by the Brits and still contains a treasure trove of concealed treasure. It' a great place if the hectic pace of the town has gotten too much for you and you have a wonderful look at the spectacular Drachenboottaurant.

Of all the things I had to do in Yangon, this was by far my favorite. Yangon is a great place to go without tasting the taste of Yangon which is a potent coffee-like blend of solid coffee flavoured teas blended with concentrated water and a teaspoon of concentrated water. Looking for a hotel in Yangon?

You wonder where to sleep when you go to Yangon? And we remained here: : It is a middle class motel with neat, roomy rooms, minibar and free but quiet Wi-Fi! It was a very nice place because the personnel was very kind, the beds were comfortable and the breakfasts were big. Light, neat and inexpensive Yangon city centre lodging.

There was only one overnight stay here, but there was nothing we could do about it. The price was $22, which is normal for Yangon, and we had a double room with common bath, Wi-Fi and breakfas. We' remained here for two nights and it is definitely only suitable for price-conscious people.

For $18 per room we got a double room with en-suite facilities and a simple breakfast (bread and jam). When none of these properties suits your taste, look at Hotel Combined, which will compare the rates of all Yangon properties to find a good offer for you! There you have it, our summary of the things we have to do in Yangon and where we have been.

Hopefully this will help you, because when we went to Myanmar, we really had trouble finding up-to-date information about the state. Yangon was our personal love and we believe it is unique in Asia, so give us plenty of round-trip travel on it!

Did you visit Myanmar? Have you loved or hated it and have you got proposals for activities or accommodation in Yangon?

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