Best Beaches near Yangon

The best beaches near Yangon

The Gwa is a seven-hour drive by car or bus from Yangon. ""This is the best hotel in this part of Yangon. If you are looking for European food after a long round trip, you can expect the best Viennese style pork schnitzel on the whole beach. The Ngwe Saung Beach is the nearest beach to Yangon and is generally considered the second best beach in Myanmar to Ngapali Beach. The name Kantharyar means the pleasant beach in Myanmar.

Beach Ngapali Day - 5 nights

Barefoot and sunny in your eye, you' ll be stepping onto one of the best beaches in Southeast Asia! Only untouched sand, an unspoilt sandy beaches surrounded by palms and a breathtaking view of the Bengal Gulf. The Ngapali beaches are considered to be the best beaches in Burma. Enjoy rotten nights on the beaches, observe the fishermen who come back early in the mornings with their catches, or cycle to the central Ngapali beaches to sample some of the best sea food in one of the area' s fine cuisine.

Travelling time: The best travel period is from November to February, when it is arid and the temperature is at its low point of 20-25°C. The best travel period is from November to February. Transport: Arrival by train, shuttle service by road and internal flights. From Yangon to Thandwe you take the Yangon to Thandwe. Accommodation in an accommodation coach for 1 and 3 overnights in a regular air-conditioned lodge with ensuite facilities at Yoma Cherry Lodge or similar.

Regional coach from Yangon to Thandwe and internal flights from Thandwe to Yangon. From Thandwe to the Ngapali and back. Burma has almost 2000 km of coast, but few travelers come here because of its beaches. That means that you will not only be awaiting one of the most attractive beaches in Southeast Asia, but that you will also have it without the people.

Sleepover coach. From Yangon Aung Mingalar coach terminal, take the coach to Thandwe. In case your Yangon accommodation is not available through us, please let us know in time so we can provide you with your coach-ticket. You will reach Thandwe before sunrise.

Your guide will take you to your Ngapali Beach resort at Thandwe Railway Terminal. You can spend the remainder of the morning at your own pace to familiarize yourself with the area. Accommodation in Ngapali Beach - Yoma Cherry Lodge or similar.

After your transfer to Thandwe airport, your guide will pick you up and take you to your Ngapali Airport accommodation. Unwind on the beaches, cycle around or see how the indigenous fishers secure their daily fishing. Accommodation in Ngapali Strand - Yoma Cherry Lodge or similar.

Accommodation in Ngapali Strand - Yoma Cherry Lodge or similar. It' checkout season and back to Yangon. You will be taken from your accommodation to Thandwe International Airports and return to Yangon on a local plane. Drivers will meet you at your Ngapali Hotel and take you to Thandwe International Airports.

Take a flight back to Yangon and drive to your next stop.

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