Best Beaches in Myanmar

Myanmar's best beaches

Ngapali beach, near Thandwe, Myanmar. The Ngapali Beach, near Thandwe, Myanmar. Probably the best beach in the area is Seh Eain Dan, the nearest village south of Letkokkhon. Large waves good for surfing (but nobody surfs there) and beautiful seafood. The best beaches in Myanmar.

Best beach in Myanmar - Ngapali Beach

The Ngapali is Myanmar's first sand and is often considered one of the best in Asia. Situated on the west shore of Myanmar, Ngapali offers a view of the Bay of Bengal, while the Yoma Mountains are situated in the interior and offer a panorama view in all direction. This 7 km long sandy area is a real paradise.

Ngapali Beach is one of the best in Myanmar. You won't be dissapointed from Bayview the Beach Resort to some of the more famous brands like the Hilton. Best of all? In comparison to some of the beaches in Thailand, the hotel feels positive empty.

Ngapali Beach has nowhere to be found for the masses of people who can sometimes spoil their holidays in the more loved areas. Well, while this all seems quite perfectly, the disadvantage of Ngapali Beach is that it's not inexpensive. While there are properties that cost less than $100, we wouldn't suggest any of them as inexpensive.

When you imagine a good part of your stay on the shore, you will probably not be frustrated if you relax on a deck chair with a beverage in your hands and the noise of the ocean in your ears. Ngapali has a whole range of things to entertain you, from a kayak trip to exploring villages and hiking in the mountains.

An early bird's eye view of the Gulf of Bengal is one of our favorites, with early dawn treks into the Ngapali Mountains and one of the best vistas in Myanmar. It would be our top tip to take a kayak excursion into the Ngapali Sea and to fall into the underwater world.

In this way you get the best of both worlds. It' the best of both. Just like in the resorts, the journey to Ngapali is not cheap. Usually a homeward journey will put you back around $200 so make sure you are planning enough nights in your shore journey to make it worthwhile. Flights will be arriving at Thandwe International and most of the accommodation will provide a pick-up which will be part of the room rate.

The Ngapali is really something unique. It' recommended to book 4 nights on your route so that you can enjoy the sea and we would like to invite you to do so. Ngapali and Mrauk U offer the best of both worlds for those who return to Myanmar for a second vacation.

It is a peaceful, scenic sandy spot with a jewel buried in the jungles.

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