Best Beach Resorts in Myanmar

The best beach resorts in Myanmar

The best Myanmar Resorts on TripAdvisor: The property also has one of the best rated locations in Ngapali! Explore Myanmar's seaside resorts and prepare to be kissed by the sun. The Ngapali Beach, Myanmar, is one of the top beach destinations in the world. The Bay of Bengal Resort is located on an extensive, carefully landscaped area and opens up to beautiful Ngwe Saung Beach, which has been voted one of Myanmar's best beaches.

The Ngapali Beach and the best beach resorts in Myanmar

One of Myanmar's most famous and important resorts, Ngapali Beach, 7 kilometres from the city of Thandwe (Sandoway), south-west of Myanmar (Burma), has developed into one of the country's most important and beloved touristic haunt. As the Burmese government's focus on the travel sector grows, more and more of Burma's beacheside resorts and resorts are being constructed in Ngapali.

Here you can find a good accomodation and enjoy the sun and the beach. One of the most popular in South East Asia, Ngapali Beach will invariably be likened to Thailand's before or after their sojourn. Due to the relatively early evolution of Thailand's tourist industry, the tourist establishments on Thailand's shores are better than those in Burma.

Ngapali Beach is still good, of course. These are some comparative results of the Ngapali and Thailand beach. One can clearly see the resemblances and distinctions of the two places' sands. The Ngapali Beach is located on the Bay of Bengal in the southern part of Rakhine State, 282 kilometres to the north-west of Yangon, the main city and traffic junction of Myanmar.

There is Thandwe International Resort (SNW) only 10 min from Ngapali Beach and most of the top rated resorts or hostels offer a transfer from the beach to the beach and also have their own desks in the arrivals area to welcome their clients. There are at least six daily Yangon to Thandwe from 6:30 to 14:00, but not all of them are straight.

There are at least four daily Nyaung-U to Thandwe from 7:45 am to 10:40 am, but there are no scheduled services and they are often cancelled during the wet seasons. There are at least four connections from Heho to Thandwe from 8:40 am to 11:45 am. There are only two 9.00 and 9.50 from Mandalay to Thandwe and the 9.00 is only possible on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday; they are often cancelled during the wet seasons.

Every DAILY there is at least one plane from Sittwe to Thandwe. As there are only Thandwe - Yangon and Sittwe connections, it is a good option to come to Ngapali at the end of your Burma tour. Thus, a voyage from Yangon to Thandwe took 12 to 14 hrs on very poor road through the Arakan Range jungles and was regarded by backpacker tourists who made this voyage as one of the hardest in Myanmar.

In order to conserve your valuable travelling resources, driving to Ngapali Beach is the least recommendable way to get there. The Ngapali Beach is a seldom seen, untouched beach along the long coast with restricted reach. Ngapali Beach has about 70 medium to upper class establishments (excluding backpackers, hostals and guesthouses).

If you are in Thailand or other country where the tourist establishments have been improved, you can select your own hotels in different beach areas according to your preference. In Ngapali, however, because the tourist establishments are not so excellent, the selection of the hotels, the equipment and the services are very important for your itinerary.

There are 20 to 60 rooms available. Ngapali may not have as many restaurants as other designed resorts, and it is likely that you will have your meal at the same time. In addition, a hostel with indigenous labour ers can help the municipality create jobs.

Perhaps you will be wakened by the noise of the bird in the backyard, and when you open the windows, a breath of new air will come out of the ocean and into your face. There is also a beachfront dining area and lounge so you can eat in the seaview cafe.

There' is an open-air bath in the motel. Aureum Palace is a 20-year-old Burmese based luxury resort with the best manager. Accommodation can organize all types of daily excursions, such as angling excursions, country walks, boating excursions to Pearl Island, cookery courses and much more.

For those who love peace and tranquillity and intimacy, we recommend choosing our gazebo. It' a 1 minute walking distance through the backyard to the beach. For those with children, Ocean View Cottage is situated directly by the ocean. Situated in a small cove, the resort has a several kilometre long promenade.

Palmengarten provides a calm and peaceful area. Eluxe room is 48 sq. m., 44 sq. m. bungalows, while the 110 sq. m. beach elite room has two ensuite facilities and is ideal for one and the same group. Many useful drafts (e.g. for wheelchairs ) and concepts for protecting the enviroment are available in this hote.

For a surcharge (e.g. barbecue) the resort can organize all types of activity. It has a team of more than 120 staff members who are all very careful and take care of each other. It is more suited for those who like peace and relaxation. A childrens meal, the children's recreational area in the swimming pools and the babysitting services (on request) make this a perfect place for those with a family.

For families of less than 4 persons, a luxury beach room is available, while the Senior Suites are ideal for families of more than 4 persons (two rooms only, early reservation required). Its main characteristic is the fairytale scenery of this property. Located directly on the beach.

It is ideal for bathing and sun bathing. It is beautifully landscaped and has a lovely backyard. It is fantastically furnished and has a magnificent seaview. Each room has its own beachbed! There is a nice saltwater bath with a beach front vieuw. We can also arrange daily excursions to the surrounding area.

Our employees are unbelievably kind and very professionally. If you don't do anything, it's the best place to re-charge your battery. Situated on the beach, the holiday home is ideal for a couple, while we recommend that visitors with children spend the night in the beachhouse. Situated on one of the best beaches, the residence is well-appointed.

While some may not see it as an advantage, the closeness to the southern fishermen' s town gives you the insight that you are still in Myanmar and it is great for taking pictures. They can get cheap road massage at the back of the Resorts, but it's definitely a good idea to pay a little more to have it at the-Resorts.

And if you want peace and quiet, the luxurious room overlooking the gardens will delight you. Living folk will like a luxurious beach room with ocean views. 25-minute later, you will be welcomed at the airport by the cheerful and happy receptionists. Ngapali cannot generally rival other South East Asia but the Thande Beach has a good price-performance ratio within Ngapali.

You' ll have the feeling that you get more for your wallet when you spend the night at the Thande Beach World. And if you want a little more intimacy, you can select a luxury room with views of the gardens on the back of the property.

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