Best Beach Resorts in Burma

The best beach resorts in Burma

This is Amara Mountain Resort, Kalaw. Ngapali Beach, Amara Ocean Resort. The Aureum Palace Inle, Inle Lake. The Aureum Palace Ngapali, Ngapali Beach. A luxurious international resort on the beach of Ngapali.

Top 7 Resorts in Myanmar (2018)

Adjoining India, China and Thailand, Myanmar or Burma, is one of the most uncharted and undetected lands in the globe. Ranging from Twelfth Ca. couples to busy marketplaces and 4,000 holy Stupa in the grandiose plain of Bagan, a wealth of Myanmar's treasure is just awaiting to be found in this pristine area.

It is a thriving traveler' s haven with inviting natives and a host of historic sights to see where to spend the night in Myanmar's top resorts. Located on the shores of Lake Inle, the Sanctum Inle Resort offers a quiet ambience with monastic passages and a simple style approach. Influenced by the tranquillity of the surroundings, the guest will find rooms with minimalistic décor and contemporary comfort such as a cuddly bed, minibar and cabel-TV.

This is a great way to escape the stress of daily routine, encouraging your clients to unwind in the tingling swimming pools and enjoy the lavish thermal and massaging services at the lavish spas. With a small group of 32 mansions, Ngapali Bay Villa & Spas is a high-end residential area in Ngapali. This is one of the most sought after resorts in the whole nation, offering visitors beautiful seaviews and accommodations with high vaulted roofs, artworks and black rot.

Just a few paces from the unspoilt beach, each room has a breathtaking beach front viewing, with suite with en-suite diving pools and an outdoor pavilion from which you can enjoy the panoramic sea outdoors. With its luxuriant countryside and lively outdoor garden, the estate's outdoor eating area is ideal for enjoying a wide range of sea food, while the local thermal spas offer massages from both Eastern and Western tradition.

Whilst lazing on the beach is the perfect sport, visitors are also invited to discover the surrounding water and the colourful underwaterlife with a full days snorkelling in the tranquil water. Amazing Ngapali Resort is located on an unspoilt beach in Myanmar, just 45 minutes by car from the busy town of Yangon.

Immediately the visitors of the Ngapali Resort are faced with a breath-taking sea view from the stylish foyer. Continue exploring the site and rediscover the luxuriant landscape and distinctive architectural features, encircled by a fresh swimming pool ideal for a relaxing and sunbathing outdoors.

Accommodation ranges from a Seaview Deluxe to a Beach Front Suite to luxurious Amazon Suite Beach Front Villas with classic décor, where visitors can enjoy contemporary conveniences and a wide view of the sea from a spacious patio. With its relaxed atmosphere, this is the perfect place to go snorkelling off the coast, take a angling expedition, and relax with a full aroma therapy session at the Thukha Thermal Baths.

Amara Ocean Resort stretches along the stunning coast of Myanmar's famed Ngapali Beach and offers 28 luxury beach cottages with stunning scenic vistas of the Andaman Sea and the Rakhine Mountains. Visitors are spoilt for choices as to how they want to spent their day, with an indoors and outdoors spas, a large internal and external pools, a local pub and a local pub and cafe.

There' s a lot to do for the outdoors enthusiast, as visitors can take an adventure cruise to the neighbouring isles, go fishing for tunas or wander through the forests and towns around. There is also a 9-hole course just 20 minutes away by car. Luxurious luxury executive resort on the banks of Inle Lake, Inle Lake View Resort & Spa, set in luxuriant scenery with stunning vistas.

With a view of the scenic Inle Lake, it is only a 30-minute car ride from the near surrounding area. There are 40 large rooms with their own balconies and typical Asiatic furniture at guests' disposal on arriving. Our in-house dining area provides tasty local and regional food, while the Lotus Bar provides a selection of exquisite wine that is ideal for an after-dinner delicacy.

Visitors can enjoy their day in the warm infrared swimming pools or relaxing with an olive bath, manicures, pedicures and other indulgent spa services at Inle Lake View. Mandalay Hill Resort offers a scenic view of the Royal Palace and is located near some of Myanmar's most historic gem.

Close to stunning locations and 20 minutes flying time from the magnificent plain of Bagan, visitors will find 206 large rooms set in lush green. As Myanmar's heritage centre, visitors are well placed to enjoy the country's most important heritage in its near old towns, backyards and wards.

From luxury rooms to suite and villa spas, the guest will find a quiet environment with a variety of facilities such as a bath ingame, bath and delicatessen. The Ruper Mandalar is a perfect place for a relaxing trip for two, a remote haven with an enchanting aura.

It has 46 large, contemporary rooms, which include two sauna rooms, a large indoor and outdoor pools, and a wellness and wellness area. There is a wide choice of dishes available to our clients, which are prepared in the local restaurants. For those who want to keep in shape, a well-equipped fitness studio is available, while the resort's spas offer a variety of therapies for optimum fitness, such as a Thai tradition and a Mandalar detoxification and slimming massages to promote circulatory wellbeing.

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