Best Beach Destinations in Myanmar

The best beach destinations in Myanmar

We' ve tailored your best beach trips to Myanmar: The best Myanmar Beach Hotels on TripAdvisor: Not many people know that the country has many beautiful, untouched beaches. The Ngapali Beach is known as Myanmar's best beach destination with palm-fringed white sand beaches. The most luxurious hotel in Ngapali on one of the best beaches in the area.

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The Ngapali Beach is about 7 km from Thandwe one of the old Rakhine cities. This beach extends for about 3 km with smooth sandy beaches lined with palm trees. It' the best place to sunbathe and relax, such as beach walks, biking and so on.

The Ngapali is the most popular beach in Myanmar. Until today it is known for its untarnished and unstained nature. Bike trips are organized to the surrounding towns. It is the best season to come to this beach in October and May each year. The Ngapali is the best place for a restful beach holiday.

Accommodation is available at Ngapali Beach. When you are planing your holidays in Ngapali please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Ngapali Beach Hotel. The Ngwe Saung Beach Resort opened 2,000 times a year is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable seaside resort in Myanmar. With a promenade along the Bay of Bengal with its clear water, whitewashed beach, sand and unspoilt and pollution-free nature, Ngwe Saung is indeed one of the best places to choose for a peaceful and relaxing vacation.

It is 15 kilometres long. Saung's pristine water, wide sandy beach, silver sand, picturesque and occasional cliffy coastline, all against the scenery of lush rainforests and the mighty Rakhine mountains. There are lifeboats and speed boats for those who want to have a good time and play on the beach or in the sea, as well as equipment for speedboating, cycling on the beach and horse-raiding.

The Ngwe Saung welcomes all those who want to unwind in the midst of the rolling palm trees and the mild breeze of a truly unforgettable seaside town. The Chaung Thar Beach is 40 km in the western part of Pathein in the Ayeyarwaddy Division. It' a 5 hour ride from Yangon to Chaung-Thar Beach.

It' an appealing broad beach with a slimy deltas look. There are not only palm cocos but also casuarina's tree on the back of the beach. Chaung Thar Beach's shrimp recipes are also tasty and famous. Along the beach there are bungalows accommodations with state-of-the-art amenities.

Myanmar is a country full of nature and environment, with unspoilt coastlines, tranquil and tranquil marine environments and vast unspoilt sands. As you listen to the whisper of the breeze in the tree and between the palms and the steady sleep-inducing rhythm of the sea crushers, while resting in your wicker stool amidst the mild breeze, you will noticeably unwind and let your worries and tension disappear.

For those who want to enjoy the beach, you can take a swim in the water and go horseback riding on the oceans or take a classic ox carts trip along the vast sands. Other people like to walk along the coast and explore the surrounding towns to taste the regional food and buy mussels, cowrie snails, mother-of-pearl, giant prawns and crayfish. petrified seafood and uncommon corals etc. to take with them as a souvenir or gift on their depart.

Chaung Thar has 13 top-class establishments that meet all requirements. The Ambo Hotel and Khine Chaung Thar. Anyone who suffocates the urban environment, the pressure of work and the responsibility of contemporary living can put aside their many concerns for a while through a visit and a relaxing vacation intermezzo in Chaung Thar.

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